Born to Roam: The Southside


On me: Over It denim overalls, Knit halter top, Nasty Gal x Nila Anthony Knucklin It clutch, Neoprene flatforms by Nasty Gal. On Erica: Lace Up blouse, Vegan leather moto shorts, Panama hat and Woodstock platforms by Nasty Gal. Shot by Scott Harris Brasher for Nasty Gal in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

If you can't tell by this point, I'm a pretty enthusiastic promoter of Brooklyn. I live, work, eat, drink and play here, and on top of that, love sharing my favorite places and local experiences with outsiders. So when Nasty Gal asked me and Erica to pick out a few of our favorite pieces from their shop and take em for a spin around our borough, saying yes was a no-brainer! We grabbed one of our favorite photographers Scott Brasher to document the ride and what resulted was a fun, funky and colorful glimpse into the place we currently call home. 

First stop on our ride? Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We both love the quiet, up-and-coming vibe of the Southside, so we often hang out under the Williamsburg bridge to work, grab a coffee at local joints like Marlow & Sons and Gourmet Guild, or pop into fun eateries like Loosie Rouge, Bia and Motorino for a drink or quick bite. It's all just one stop out of Manhattan, but feels like a world away.



Abercrombie crop top (just seen here), Zinke eyelet skirt (similar here), Vintage hat, Derek Lam sunglasses, Julian backpack c/o Rebecca Minkoff, Forever 21 platforms (similar here). Shot by Isaac Lacey at ProjectionLA.

In New York, everywhere you turn seems like its own living art installation. The buildings are buried in history, their facades each whispering something about the past if you care enough to listen. The walls and sidewalks are equally alive with marks old and new: faded graffiti, ads, posters. Layers of meaning embedded into otherwise lifeless concrete and brick. 

Los Angeles doesn't have the same flair to me; It's a newer city, more spread out, more clean. Which is why when I heard of ProjectionLA, artist Vincent Lamouroux's public art installation off of Sunset Ave, I was immediately interested and knew I had to stop by. Luckily, Isaac was happy to play tourist with me, so we drove out there after brunch one morning to walk around and take some snaps of the disruptive and somewhat eerie setting. If you're in the area, I highly recommend checking it out. Even though the weeds and shrubs have grown out the cracks and the dust has accumulated, eviscerating the impact of the original whitewashed property, it's almost as though the installation has taken on a life of its own, slowly deteriorating and being eaten away by nature over time. Regardless, it's definitely worth at least a drive-by!

Pretty Palms


Rebecca Minkoff eyelet jumpsuit (last seen here) and Julian backpack, Nasty Gal bikini top, Quay eyewear Fleur sunglasses, Vintage hat, Forever 21 platforms. Shot by Isaac Lacey in Los Angeles, CA.

These snaps make me miss California and its endless sunlight & palm trees. They were taken on my first day home in LA, when we rented out a poolside cabana for my sister's birthday and spent the afternoon the best way we know how: lounging in the sun, soaking in the pool, catching up on old times and treating ourselves to delicious food & libations. The palms surrounding the pool served as the perfect accompaniment to my neutral look, providing both shade and a festive backdrop that had me thinking I was on a tropical island somewhere instead of smack in the middle of the bustling city. I think it's important to try and find your own version of paradise wherever your travels take you... so this was my haven for the day.

Going Green


Lush lace crop top (similar here), Nasty Gal What the Bell bottoms, Quay Eyewear Kitti sunglasses, Fringe bucket bag c/o Petit Sesame, Jennifer Fisher small gypsy finger ring, Mossimo braided belt, Forever 21 platforms. Shot by Isaac Lacey.

Super excited to finally present you guys with my new hair color on the blog! Or, should I say, old hair color, as it's pretty much fully faded back to my normal ombre over the course of the past week thanks to endless swimming & sunning in California over the weekend. It was fun while it lasted, though!

The dye was done last week courtesy of my talented roommate and hair genius Shane Thomas. I'd been bored with my locks and contemplating a little change-up, and in the end was inspired to go aqua by this pic I found online. My biggest fear was that the color would wind up too green, but Shane mixed up the perfect combo of turquoise & forest green... et voila! Such a fun, funky summer hue. I love looking at these snaps: it's almost like looking through a mirror at a totally different me. 
So what do you think of the look? Would you ever go green?

Hey, Sporty!


Bomber jacket c/o Marine Layer, Abercrombie crop top (similar here), Missguided striped sheer hem shorts, Elliott Lucca tote, Satinato sandals. Shot by Isaac Lacey.

I saw a quote on Jennifer Fisher Jewelry's Instagram this morning that I really loved: "Not all girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Some girls are made of sarcasm, wine and everything fine." 

Aren't girls just the most complex people you know? It's hard enough to try and classify us according to our personalities... try classifying our style! But what's life for, if not to experiment? Doing it with clothes just seems to be one of the easiest ways we know how. 

That was the inspo behind the above look anyway, which I'd say is equal parts tomboy and girly-girl. A cute, cropped cutout & heeled sandals offset a pair of striped shorts & quilted bomber jacket for a super wearable, sporty look with a little feminine edge. Cause life's more fun when you keep em guessing what you're made of.