Berlin Nights


Porter Grey maxi dress (similar here), TOGA Pulla moto fur jacket (also seen here), Vintage belt, Rebecca Minkoff crossbody bag (similar here), Antique rings, River Island zip front boots. Shot by The Brooklynette in Berlin.

Finally sorting through my photos from Berlin, and I wanted to kick off my mini travel diary with these ones that we snapped our first night in town. I'm not usually one for shooting at night, but for some reason it seemed more than appropriate to try out something new in this city. On top of that, anyone that's ever visited also knows Berlin was made for night owls: from the clubs that get started past midnight, to the afterparties that linger well into the next day. It also doesn't help that during winter the sun sets around 4PM... 

With this in mind, I left our hotel wearing a look that I knew could transition easily from day to night, and back to day again. This meant first and foremost, comfortable shoes, and secondly, a jacket that would keep me cozy but stylish for hours. I always underestimate how warm this combination fur and moto jacket is, yet it proved itself more than worthy for a full day of running around in Berlin's cold temps. From outside the main fashion week tent (where these pics were snapped) to a delicious dinner at Waterlily in the charming Friedrichshain neighborhood, to a smoke-filled afterparty at the club Watergate, to a late night dance party at Roses (a gay bar covered in plush fur) and finally a late, late-night pit stop at our cab driver's favorite doner place... I must admit we had the perfect introduction to Berlin! We also had no idea what we were getting ourselves into...

Winter Hues


Sweater c/o RD Style (similar here), Rag and Bone coated jeans, Jbrand cocoon coat, Custom hat c/o Gigi Burris, Nasty Gal Getting Medieval necklace, Brooklyn Industries Pebble tote bag, Marc Jacobs fingerless gloves, River Island zip-front booties. Shot by Andrew Arboleda.

Back from my crazy-quick jaunt to Berlin, but haven't yet had a chance to sort through my photos, so I'm leaving you instead with this wintry look I shot during New York's last light snow. These snaps were taken by my old friend from highschool and former roommate, Andrew Arboleda, whose newfound interest in photography inspired him to brave the frigid temps and experiment with shooting some pics for my blog. Not bad for a first-timer, right?

Anyway, come winter it's super easy to revert to all black, monochromatic looks, so I've been trying to find pieces in rich, dark tones to add a subtle touch of color to my looks. A few hues I love? Navy, forrest green, oxblood, rich purple, deep greys. They look great with everything and are perfect if you're a bit color shy. 

Distant Shores


Floral dress from Pepper boutique in Ipanema, Crossbody bag c/o MZ Wallace (last seen here), H and M ear cuff, Old Hollywood ring. Shot by Isaac Lacey in Buzios, Brazil.

Hello from Berlin guys! I had a whirlwind first day that kicked off with two shows, a few afterparties, and a late night out, but I'm up and ready to take on my second day of Fashion Week here starting with a show at 2PM followed by tonight's Stylight Fashion Influencer Awards. The weather's been cold and pretty dreary, so I thought I'd brighten up the day with some more photos from my trip a few weeks ago to Brazil. These were shot beachside in Buzios, in a dress I also happened to pick up at a local boutique during my trip. I love the bold print and side cutouts, and can't wait for warmer days ahead when I can wear this in NYC.

Anyway, enjoy your week everyone, and feel free to drop by my Instagram to see what I'm up to in Berlin!

Plaid Habits


Mango coat (similar here), Barney's Originals leather jacket, Thrifted silk blouse by The Reformation, Zara plaid pants (I love these too), Vintage studded crossbody bag, Antique rings, River Island zip-front boots (last seen here). Shot by Isaac Lacey.

Plaid has always been one of my favorite patterns, and looking at these pics I honestly don't know why my closet isn't loaded with way more. I love the subtle rocker vibe that these pants give off (I wore them the other day and a friend commented that they were very 'St. Laurent,' which is just about the best compliment you can give anyone, right?) and a vintage studded bag and some platform boots perfectly sealed the deal.

I also have some crazy news to share with everyone! You know that competition I entered this week with inappropriate images of me in a swimsuit and vintage coat on my roof in the freezing cold?! Turns out I WON! Thanks to Bryan Boy and Stylight I'll be heading to Berlin Fashion Week this Sunday to join them at the 2015 Stylight Fashion Influencer Awards. I honestly couldn't be more excited! It will also be my first time in Berlin, so if anyone has any recommendations for things to do, see, eat or drink there, I'd love to know!

#Swinter Break


Vintage coat via Nifty Thrifty, 6 Shore Road swimsuit, 66 North Kaldi hat, Anne Klein Citygurl boots (last seen here). Shot by Isaac Lacey.

Sorry guys! Taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you a slice of #swinter! It's not often that I'll pose in my swimsuit on the blog (just ignore all of my recent Brazil posts, ok?), and I've definitely never done so in freezing temperatures like today, but when I saw this competition that Stylight and all-star blogger Bryan Boy were hosting I couldn't help but want to take part in the fun. 

So what is #swinter to me? It's all about keeping a sliver of summer alive, even in the dead of winter. Whether you choose to brave the cold in a swimsuit and fur, head to the tanning bed on occasion to get your bronze on, or just adamantly hold onto your ombre hair color (awkward, I'm definitely guilty of all three) #swinter means always remembering that summer is just around the corner. Check out how to enter the competition for yourself here... but get on it quick because you only have til midnight tonight!