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 Free People skinny vegan leather pants
Mint Designs lightweight wool coat
H&M grey sweater
Thrifted fingerprint-pattern blouse
Nanette Lepore bag (on sale in green)
ASOS platform heels
Vintage hat
Chain necklaces made by Lauren + her sister at Brooklyn Charm

Last year (really like, a month ago) Lauren and I were sitting around my apartment with our friend Yanina when Lauren announced, "I think next year I'm going to start dressing in specific themes." Yanina and I looked at each other and said, "So, you're going to start wearing costumes now?" Looking exasperated Lauren explained that in her mind everything she put on was thrown together haphazardly and moving forward she wanted to get dressed with specific "themes" in mind -- nautical, boho, you name it.

(Side note: I promise I'm not making this up, this conversation happened and we really did talk about Lauren's style for what was probably far longer than is typical or appropriate for three girls drinking Grandpa's lemonade on a Sunday)

The point is, whether she realizes it or not, her style is anything but haphazard and I love this look for exactly that. I also love those pants, which I plan on borrowing. Immediately.

xx, M


  1. wow this look is really gorgous darling! i don´t know what i love most your fabulous hat, shirt or your hot leather pants!

  2. I always try to dress in themes or try to tell some kind of story through my clothes. I think dressing up should be fun. And this look is TOTALLY fun. Love the hat, the coat and the leather pants!

  3. lovely red lips!

  4. Yes I say..........yes..Boho please - lets really bring Bohemian back! I will join you too! Thanks for stopping by my blog! good luck to 2012!

  5. I love the look! So fun and cute! And I am such a hat person :)
    Luvv, Leigh B

  6. I love this! Beautiful from head to toe.


  7. especially love the blouse *__*

  8. Lovely photos! You look great with it. The hat added a nice touch to your look. Beautiful!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  9. Great look! I love all the grey.

  10. I really like how you've mixed the white, black and grey with gold details (jewelry, purse). :-)

  11. Great outfit!

  12. fab leather pants!


  13. I love the layering! That shirt is so pretty with the print! :)

  14. Great style!
    X a true follower

  15. nice ! love the coat !

  16. Hey !
    Your coat is so beautiful, I love that grey tone ! Also, your hair, looks super pretty in this photos :)


  17. gorgeous look! love your hair!
    following you now x

  18. Love this outfit. All the grey together is perfect. Also, couldn't agree more... those trousers are freaking awesome. xx

  19. I LOVE the mixed long pendant necklaces! Lovely.


  20. Loving your style and photographs ! Gots to follow you on BL too :) Thanks for stopping by !

  21. Wow, I love your style, the way you put things together is absolutely amazing! In love with your coat, pants, bag and necklace, basically I love everything about your outfit:) Love your blog and now following, maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


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  23. Love it....LOVE THE WHOLE LOOK!
    Would defo follow you..would love it if u did the same.. Much love

  24. Gorgeous look ! :> Thanks so much for your comment, so I could find your blog. I'm following via Bloglovin'. I hope to see you back at my blog someday, it would be fun to follow each other.
    Have a great week,

    - Indie by Heart

  25. You have such great style!.. Took some time to look around and you have really cool stuff on here so adding you to my google..maybe follow each other?
    let's talk soon!

    Hugs from NYC!



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