The Beginning


What is The Marcy Stop? It's a new fashion + lifestyle blog born out of a photographer (Micol), her muse (Lauren), and their infinite overlapping interests. Both photographer and muse happen to be good friends and neighbors, living and swapping clothes in Williamsburg, Brooklyn -- just off the Marcy stop of the JMZ subway line.

Our loves: cocktails, Alexander Wang, Pies N' Thighs, summer, home cooking, travel, dance parties, oysters, accents, our neighborhood, & our bike gang: the Southside Heartbreakers.

Our daily frustration: we're not the same shoe size...

Lauren (left), Micol, and the best purchase we ever made.
Lauren (left, wearing Micol's shirt) and Micol (wearing Lauren's sunnies) hanging out with some hotties in Nantucket.
Lauren (left, wearing Micol's dress) and Micol (wearing Lauren's shirt) in a gypsy cab in Brooklyn.


  1. Welcome to the blog world! I think that your blog will be one of my favorites so I will follow u!

  2. absolutely understand. My roommate and I have the same frustrations! haha

  3. hi
    I loved the photos
    : D

  4. you girls are adorable. just found your blog today and i am loving it!


  5. Im so glad I found your blog as I can see I'm going to enjoy reading your posts. The beauty of living close, sharing room/flat with your girlfriends is the fat you have more than one wardrobe. I'm heading back to Uni in September where I will be sharing house with 3 of my friends so looking forward to the clothes swapping. Such a shame we are all different shoe size.


  6. You girls seem like such great friends! I am not too far from you in Brooklyn! Hope to bump into you some time for a fashionable exchange! :)

  7. Hi girls,
    you have a wonderful blog
    and some of your ''loves'' are mine too lol :)

  8. Love to read the little story behind the blog !!
    xo Lyn

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Thanks for stopping by! I read all of your comments and love hearing from you. xL