Primary Colors


Sermoneta red fingerless gloves
DVF yellow silk/chiffon mix tee
Nathan Jenden grey leather skirt (similar style here)
Mossimo jean shirt
H&M black sweater
DKNY patterned tights
Vintage silver beaded necklace
Alexander McQueen quilted hobo bag
Forever21 platform booties

One of my favorite trends of the past few years has been the introduction of motorcycle gloves as an acceptable means of keeping your hands slightly warm during the colder months of the year. Lauren, of course, has a pair in almost every color and utilizes the bright ones perfectly to give an outfit that extra detail that really makes it pop.

While most would have chosen the bright yellow top and called it a day, her inclusion of the fire engine red, fingerless gloves makes this casual look anything but basic.

It must be noted, I love these photos, because although we're still technically in February the weather in NY lately has been positively spring-like, while the warm sunny glow reminds me that warmer days and tights-less legs aren't too far off.

xx, M

Power Lunch


Alice + Olivia deconstructed blazer (similar look here)
H&M white button down shirt
Cheap Monday Second Skin high waisted jeans
Sam Edelman Lulu two tone boots
Chanel quilted purse
Vintage earrings (similar style here)

Thankfully, it's not often that I have to get dressed up for work, but on those few occasions when I am required to don my very best for a client meeting, it's important to me that my ensemble reflect my personal style, while at the same time still exuding that much-needed professional air.

This is when I'll usually call Micol and ask to raid her closet, as her job requires her wardrobe to be stocked with pieces (like this jacket) that scream, "I'm ready for business."

A pencil skirt or well-tailored dress can often do the trick, but it's fun to channel the boys once in awhile with your own take on the pants suit. Here I stuck to one color palette while playing with proportions on the top and bottom--a fun way of reinterpreting the look for myself. Bright colors or a wide pant leg work just as well.

Pinstripes + Chanel... who says office attire has to be boring? 


Brooklyn Baroque


DVF metallic jacket
Cynthia Steffe dress
Alexander McQueen box clutch (similar style here)
Vintage ring bracelet
Ellen Tracy tights
Thrifted belt

After drooling over the Mary Katranzou for Topshop collection and her recent LFW show, and with my recent hiatus on clothes shopping well-enforced, I was inspired to raid my closet and then Lauren's for anything print. The result was this stunning pairing that Lauren boldly wore out on our weekly "work was tough, let's imbibe" playdate--an all too frequent but none the less enjoyable occurrence.

I'm not even a print fan. In fact, it's been like dragging a horse to water for Lauren to convince me to incorporate prints into my wardrobe. But this, this I can get behind because the metallic shine of the sharp-cut jacket against the soft graphics of the loose, flowing dress strikes a perfect chord...not to mention that hazy blue reflection of the evening sky reflected in the jacket's silver tiles.

xx, M

Tout Va Bien


Mango navy sweatpant trousers (similar style here)
Ann Taylor silk ruffle tank
H&M leather bomber jacket (similar look here)
Forever21 striped sweater
Sam Edelman two-tone heels
Opening Ceremony x Colette tote
Thrifted scarf

You know that one pair of pants that are so comfortable you wish you could wear them everywhere? These are those pants.

I got them from Mango a few seasons ago and still find myself reaching for them every morning when I wake up. And every night when I slip off my heels to relax and spend a night in. The hardest part, however, is wearing them out in public without looking like a hobo.

Not sure if I accomplished that here, but I tried to add some structure to their loose fit with a silk tank, leather jacket, and some stripe action by way of this equally comfortable sweater and scarf. The scarf is another winter favorite of mine, as it unfolds to be (almost) as big as a blanket and is super soft. Top the look off with my favorite tote (as Micol knows, I'm obsessed with all things French) and we're ready for a trip to the market.


Urban Cowboy


Luella leather jacket
Urban Outfitters fur vest (similar look here)
Robbi & Nikki lace trim top
Furst premium denim jeans
Alexander Wang Brenda Mini Camera bag
Thrifted hat
LF boots

This weekend,  I asked Lauren to come with me to check out this furniture store Brooklyn Reclamation down the street, in prep for my upcoming move in May (don't worry, I'll still be at the Marcy Stop). Before we left Lauren's apartment, I caught her preening in the mirror. Lauren is never so happy as when she's dressed in big kid, bad-ass clothes. And let's be real, this outfit was purely for Lauren's street self esteem.

This is why it made it all the more hilarious when Lauren paused mid-stride on the sidewalk to remark with genuine horror and fear, "I'm suddenly feeling very Dixie Chicks." Clearly this did not fit into her fantasies of toughness, which I think have already been well documented on this blog.

Let me tell you, I've never laughed harder. One, because she was kind of on point. Two, because Lauren could dress in full cowboy regalia and still somehow make it look cool. I know because I tried on this exact outfit and looked exactly like a southern music back-up singer--without the irony.

xx, M

Wangin' Out


Alexander Wang silk + jersey dress
Alexander Wang black platform sandals (here in green)
Vintage oversized blazer (similar style here)
H&M grey sweater
Thrifted metallic clutch (similar look here)
Marc Jacobs chunky necklace
Knit beanie made by a friend

"Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing."

What girl doesn't love her Alexander Wang? From his studded bags and super-soft knits, to his badass heels and slinky dresses, he has us all sprung on his 'urban warrior' aesthetic. His show this week in NY solidified our obsession with his designs, and--if his models were any indication--cemented his place as one of the city's most lusted-after designers (Karolina, Gisele, and Shalom all closed the show).

While I've got nothing on Gisele, I've had this dress for over a year now, and it's still one of my favorites. The layers at the neckline add some nice draping up top, while the pleats and the asymmetric hem at the bottom keep things interesting. The shoes are amazing as well, although I'll definitely wear them more over summer since they're open toe. Worth the wait.

Bottom line is, Wang is so young and unbelievably talented...we can't wait to see what he has in store in the future. Until then, we'll just continue drooling over everything he creates.

What Wang items are you currently lusting after?


Well Matched


On Lauren
Cheap Monday Narrow Super Fine beige jeans
Thrifted white blouse
Target braided belt
ASOS grey platform ankle boots
Mango wool coat (similar look here)
Michael Kors Tortoise Jet Set watch

On Isaac
H&M pants
Vince Navy Double-breasted sweater
John Galliano jacket
Cole Haan Air Blythe Ankle boots

It's only fitting on a day like today to give a little love to Lauren's boyfriend Isaac who, as I am sure will come as no surprise, does a little modeling himself. Maybe you've seen him on Gilt. Or, the headless version of him anyway. I have because Lauren takes great pleasure in screen-grabbing his appearances and then emailing them to me like I'm supposed to recognize Isaac's torso.

Anyway... these two have been together for what seems like forever, and while you hear a lot of people say it, I've never seen a couple more perfectly matched than they are. They're two of my closest friends and deserve all the love in the universe.

Happy Valentine's Day.

xx, M

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Print and Proper


Ark & Co tribal print dress
Calvin Klein coat with oversized lapels
Jon Jossef pumps with wooden heel
Vintage red banker clutch
Thrifted necklace
Kenzie thigh highs

I've been trying to get Micol to wear more patterns for just about our entire friendship, so it was a huge shock when she bought this dress without even asking what I thought about it first.

Of course, being a sucker for prints--especially of the tribal variety--I fell in love the second I saw it, and couldn't wait to try it on. Besides the fun pattern, I adore the high, elastic waist and cutout details on the sides. And when we were shooting this outfit, a cute gay guy even walked by and yelled, "Gorgeous dress girl!" Affirmation of the highest degree.

Since Micol broke her anti-pattern stance, her wardrobe has slowly expanded to include more and more prints... from tribals, to florals, to polka dots and more abstract shapes. Perfect for a dash of liveliness on a hungover Sunday.


Heavy Metal


Alice + Olivia sequin tee
Topshop bell-shaped trench
H&M leather shorts
Calvin Klein red velvet clutch
DKNY tights
Madden Girl suede platform sandals

Fashion Week is here and, as anyone who has been through it knows, things can get a little crazy. Both Lauren and I work in the fashion world in some capacity, so the craziness of (literally) running to Lincoln Center, fielding multiple party requests in one night and trying to remain sane at the same time is nothing new. Not to mention the sudden influx of 'tourists' into our city and dodging becomes an art form. Although, working near Rockefeller Center, I'd take dodging around beautiful male models over unmoving tourists that block intersections while gazing up at the buildings with their mouths open any day. ANY. DAY.

Anyway, my point is, this is probably the one week when I'm able to convince Lauren to venture out in a belly-baring Alice + Olivia sequin tee and leather shorts even though we're in the middle of winter. It must be noted however that at this morning's BCBG show there was a very blonde young man wearing a bright pink tutu and no tights. So. There's that.

xx, M

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Orange Crush


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Check out the other photos from our featured look below...
xx, L+M

Philippe Adec Jacket
Comme des Garcons blouse
H&M pants
Alexander McQueen ocelot print clutch
Dollhouse black pumps
Vintage rings

Rock On


Pinky Otto furry sweater
Freeloader maxi dress (similar look here)
Vintage belt
Chanel purse
ASOS platform heels

I don't know if it's the vintage belt (which my boyfriend told me looks like a Mexican Wrestling belt), or the oversized furry sweater, but there's something about this look that makes me want to stray from the subject of fashion and talk about music instead. Micol and I both love discovering new music... and lucky for us, all musicians have to pass through NYC at some point, which means we've had a chance to see some pretty amazing shows. 

Some artists that are on both of our playlists right now include Tanlines, Future Islands, STRFKR, Cults, Bag Raiders, Avicii... kind of a huge range of musical tastes. And in order to ensure this taste continues to expand, we just started a concept with our friends that we call Music Pen Pal--an activity that we strongly recommend for anyone with a passion for music.

Essentially, Music Pen Pal is just a group email chain wherein each member is asked to send out one song a week (as an attachment or downloadable link) to the other members. I start the chain each week by sending out a song to everyone, and then they just Reply All with their attached songs.

So far we're in week three, and the experience has been incredible! We were even talking about incorporating our weekly picks into this blog... so be sure to keep your eye out for that!


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Casual Corner


Opening Ceremony jacket
Cheap Monday sweater from Alter
Levi's Jeans
Nanette Lepore handbag
Vintage two-tone pumps
Thrifted ring + silver chain necklace 

Although Lauren will deny it, it's rare to see the girl in jeans. This is where our closets diverge... drastically. I have 30 pairs of jeans. Ok, I don't wear all of them--and especially not since Lauren's closet was introduced into my life--but for the most part I am a skinny-jean-wearing type of girl in the fall/winter. Cut-off jeans in the spring/summer. I even have a black denim romper I break out when I want to channel my inner 50s pinup. I can't help it. But with Lauren's help I've been introducing more dressy pieces into my wardrobe and the result is, Lauren has made me look more like the adult my age would imply.

Lauren, on the other hand, already has more dresses and skirts bursting from her closet (paired with sky high platform heels) than I think she knows what to do with. That's why it's such a head-turner when I see her in loose-fitting denim and kitten heels. I also convinced her to let me give her a side braid and, voila! The entire look is one of my faves.

xx, M

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Army Brat


Black leather jacket from Alter, Brooklyn
French Connection blouse (similar style here)
Bershka oversized-pocket jeans (similar look here)
Burberry creepers
Alexander Mcqueen quilted tote bag
Vintage studded belt, rings and feather earring

My boyfriend always laughs at me because, for a girl who's relatively small in stature, I tend to think I'm a whole lot tougher than I actually am. I'm sure he'll smirk when he sees this outfit, at least in part because it makes me look like the badass I wish I was...

An even more badass move would be to steal these shoes from Micol and somehow stretch them the extra 1/2 a foot size I'd need to actually be able to walk in them for more than a block. Let's just say I'm obsessed with these puppies. Again, I'm reminded of our daily frustration.