Tout Va Bien


Mango navy sweatpant trousers (similar style here)
Ann Taylor silk ruffle tank
H&M leather bomber jacket (similar look here)
Forever21 striped sweater
Sam Edelman two-tone heels
Opening Ceremony x Colette tote
Thrifted scarf

You know that one pair of pants that are so comfortable you wish you could wear them everywhere? These are those pants.

I got them from Mango a few seasons ago and still find myself reaching for them every morning when I wake up. And every night when I slip off my heels to relax and spend a night in. The hardest part, however, is wearing them out in public without looking like a hobo.

Not sure if I accomplished that here, but I tried to add some structure to their loose fit with a silk tank, leather jacket, and some stripe action by way of this equally comfortable sweater and scarf. The scarf is another winter favorite of mine, as it unfolds to be (almost) as big as a blanket and is super soft. Top the look off with my favorite tote (as Micol knows, I'm obsessed with all things French) and we're ready for a trip to the market.



  1. Cute outfit!
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    1. You definatly accoplished your goal oon not looking like a hobo i have to say i did not even notice that you wear wearing sweats until you mentioned it in the colum below but i also have to say that the black and white sweater worn under neath the leather jacket makes the whole look, look a bit hoboish but besides that its an awesome outfit.

  2. Snood is a colorful.
    loved it.
    day of winter fun.


  3. The scarf is great! LOVE the red color!

  4. You seriously look gorgeous in these photos. I also have a favorite pair of jeans that sadly are nearing their end so I'm on the hunt for new ones.


  5. Cute look! I was browsing through you guys posts are the photography and styling are beautiful! Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. =) Definitely a fan of you guys! Maybe you could follow back? Have a lovely day!


  6. Love the scarf! It would be one of my favorites too!
    Luvv, Leigh B

  7. Need to get that tote, too cute!

  8. Love you hair and that bag is nice!

    I have an award for you on my blog :)

    Bisous, Sara

  9. Not hobo-ish at all! I know exactly what you're talking about...we all have those go-to pants that we want to wear all day and night :)

  10. GREAT LOOK!!

  11. love how you put this outfit together

  12. Nice tote and scarf!!
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.
    @cristianpavezd on Twitter.

  13. "These are those pants" hahaha I wish I had those pants and when I mean "those pants" I mean yours! Haha Mango...what a great find! Love your tote!


  14. Great tote!

  15. Everything about your outfit is so effortless and chic! I love the combination of the bright scarf and the darker coloured clothes, it looks so rad :)

  16. nice! i like the last photo.

    xx fromn hong kong :)


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