Chelsea Girls


Matin + Osa cropped army jacket, 
Etam faux fur vest (similar steal here), 
3.1 Philip Lim tank (similar look here)
Free People Vegan leather jeans (last seen here), 
ASOS Platform booties, 
Michael Kors tortoiseshell watch, 
Vintage jewelry, 
Alexander Mcqueen quilted tote.

I'm just going to say it. The weather is crazy and I think we should all be prepared for snow in July. That, or it's going to be hotter than the sun. Because getting dressed now requires hourly check-ins to, on this particular afternoon Lauren took precaution that the 60-degree weather would plummet and layered her white tee with an army jacket and fur vest. Then we crossed our fingers that the L was running (It was! Miracles never cease...) and crossed into the city to spend the afternoon in Chelsea.

Even though I have a soft spot for Alphabet City--my old stomping grounds--and Soho has a special place in my heart with all my favorite restaurants, in the summertime Chelsea wins hands down as one of my favorite neighborhoods. There's always something to do whether it's walking the Highline, stuffing your face at Chelsea Market, playing ping-pong at The Standard or stumbling across small galleries with amazing artwork.

On this particular day, Lauren and I did none of those things as we were hard at work in Milk Studios on a collab with Refinery29 and GUESS. We can't show you anything yet, but keep an eye out for it soon!

xx, M

Black and Tan


Tan Theory Asymmetrical Sweater, 
Vintage White Denim Vest, 
Vintage Oversize Blazer (previously seen here), 
Thrifted Necklace, 
FURSTPremium Stone-Washed Skinny Jeans from LF Stores (last seen here), 
Alexander Wang cross-body bag (also featured here), 
Hinge Suede-Toe Boots (on SALE here). 

New York, you big tease!

First you pretend Spring is coming early this year, allowing us to cavort around without tights and get excited about the warm days ahead, and then you take it all back in the span of one weekend, leaving us with a deep chill and early-onset seasonal depression. 

Micol came over for an early dinner last night, and although the sun was still out and shining strong, the wind chill was frigid! We tried to snap a few pics of my outfit but as we were both not suitably dressed for the occasion, it took one strong gust of icy wind to force us to run back inside after a measly 5 minutes. Maybe less. So if you're wondering why my face is covered up or cropped out of many of these shots, just imagine my unsightly grimace and freezing blue lips and there's your answer.


Water Frontin'


Express striped shirt,
See you Soon tweed pants (on sale here in black),
Alexander Wang open toe booties,
Carpisa pink satchel,

The weather in NY these past few days has been positively beautiful so Lauren and I have been making the most of it. Outside dining, bike riding, waterfront lounging...basically any activity that involves shoving our sun-starved skin out into the open. On this particular fine day we grabbed our bikes and headed down to the Williamsburg Waterfront for a hazy view of the city and some late afternoon sun basking.

One of my favorite things to do in Williamsburg in the summer is an outside food market called Smorgasburg that pops up on the waterfront. Pretty much all of our favorite food vendors have booths open there and it really is a smorgasbord of incomparable deliciousness. Sadly, it had yet to open when we were hanging about, so when the hunger pangs hit we took to our bikes and headed out for fried chicken. Pies N' Thighs. Obviously.

xx, M

Sock it to me


Long-sleeve print dress from DAME boutique in Santa Monica,
Cynthia Steffe white tuxedo blazer (similar style here),
Kenzie ombre socks,
Dollhouse pumps,
Alexander Mcqueen hobo bag.

I've had these ombré socks for a few years now, but never really had a chance to wear them out. You know those accessories that you buy because they're so cute in-store, but you don't really plan ahead to think about what they would go with in your wardrobe, so instead they sit in your closet while you forget about them? I was determined to not let these socks share the same fate.

In putting together this outfit I decided I was going to start in reverse, from my toes up, and try to fashion a look specifically around the socks. I guess sometimes that's what you have to do to give lesser-worn items or accessories in your wardrobe some play.

In the end, I love how the ombré color compliments the print in the dress and sets off the geometric pattern. Micol's crisp white blazer (last seen here) pulls the look together, and ensures that I get to borrow it for at least one more day.

Luck of the Irish


C&A navy striped blazer (get the same look here)
Ann Taylor white tank blouse with ruffle neckline
Bershka green drop pocket pants (last seen here)
Michael Kors grey suede pumps (on sale here)
Nanette Lepore handbag
Vintage snakeskin belt with gold lion clasps

While hunting through her closet yesterday for something green, Lauren paired together rolled-leg cargo pants and an amazing green snakeskin belt with gold lion clasps. She then showed up at my apartment to find I was also wearing green rolled-leg cargo pants with a chunky pearl necklace complete with a gold lion medallion at the end. I promise, we don't plan these things--and anyway it was too late for one of us to change.

After a mini fight over the jacket that Lauren refused to take off even though it offended my anything-print sensibilities (stripes count), I will admit when seeing these photos that she was right. Without the jacket the look just isn't complete. Add some green beer to the mix and she was set.

We stumbled across this location on our way to our first St. Patrick's Day-o'drinking stop and the photographer in me squealed when I saw how the yellow line popped against the green and blue colors in Lauren's outfit. What luck.

xx, M

Spring Fever


H&M pink blazer (similar look here)
C&A silk floral shirt
Forever 21 silk skirt
Vintage two-tone kitten heel pumps
C&A yellow sunglasses (we love these ones from Topshop too)
Thrifted woven straw box clutch (similar style here)

This outfit epitomizes Springtime for me, or at least my overzealousness for the weather to warm up already. For one, check out my pale legs--which I of course didn't notice while wearing this as I was too excited by the great weather outside. They've got to go immediately.

Then there's this blue skirt, which I love and haven't worn in years. It needed a quick once-over with an iron, but because I was too anxious to get outside into the sunshine and grab a coffee with Micol, I wound up setting the iron heat too high and burning a corner of the waistline. Lame.

Despite all this, I was happy to have a chance to wear my new floral shirt and fun yellow shades that I just bought in Paris at none other than C&A, a random department store that always yields some great inexpensive finds if you have the patience to look. And I can't wait to bust out more warm weather staples from my closet soon... though this time I'll be more careful with the iron.

What are you looking forward to wearing this Spring?

30 Comes in Black and White


Black H & M blazer
Black Etam double-breasted vest (we dig this long version too)
Off-white pants from See You Soon (a super cute boutique in Paris)
Forever21 white tee (cut off at the sleeves)
Vintage woven leather clutch
Vintage beaded necklace (doubled up and worn as headpiece)

Turning thirty for most women is a big deal and generally we feel one of two ways about it: either we dread it and see it as a mark of old age, or we embrace it and see it as a mark of an exciting new decade. I fell into the latter group, as evidenced by the fact that I celebrated it for a good week and half culminating in an outrageous, black and white themed party at my apartment. I wore purple. Obviously.

But Lauren came dressed in probably one of my favorite looks to date. Of course she turned a necklace into an interesting headpiece. Of course she paired baggy white pajama pants with a tailored black tuxedo vest. Of course she broke the rules and brought a red clutch. But...she also came with a psychedelic birthday cake so.... she's obviously forgiven.

xx, M

Au Revior Paris


Chelsea Flowers silk button down shirt
Cheap Monday high waisted jeans
Burberry trench
Seanne Herringbone shoes by 80%20 
Vintage handle clutch
Gold + Black Onyx fan necklace c/o Isobel + Ezra

I can't believe it's already the end of another week and the start of a fresh one! Paris seems like it was so long ago... and although I had an amazing trip, I'm pretty damn happy to be back in NYC.

My last day in Paris consisted of throwing on this outfit, booking it to the Louis Vuitton show at 10AM, and taking a quick lunch break in the Marais (ok fine and maybe doing some shopping) before hopping into a cab in the rain, braving a ton of traffic (the normally 30 min drive took me and hour and a half!) and finally boarding a plane bound for NYC.

Although this look is pretty casual, it's the accessories that make it special for me. These shoes were the perfect choice for a day spent primarily running around on my feet. They are so incredibly comfortable. Not to mention so incredibly cute. Most of my shoes are black, so they also add a nice pop of texture to any outfit. As for the necklace, it sets off the collared blouse without distracting too much from the rest of the ensemble. It's such a dainty and pretty piece, and I'm looking forward to layering it with other chains in future ensembles. And the bag is kind of vintage perfection. A great find (Micol)!


PFW Day 5


Vintage Gucci suede blazer (we dig this one too)
Vince Camuto red chiffon tank (similar look here)
Free People vegan leather pants
Dollhouse black pumps
Alexander McQueen ocelot print clutch

I think our obsession with McQueen has been well documented at this point (we have three bags between us) so it makes sense that the show that Lauren and I are both looking forward to is, you guessed it, Alexander McQueen. Of course my excitement is living vicariously through Lauren's Instagram photos.

The McQ Autumn/Winter 2012 collection debut in London gave us earthy, dream-like inspired prints and frothy "tulle-tastic" ball gowns grounded in stunning military details and cuts. Looking back, how could you not drool over that black tulle dress, cut short in ballet-dancer style and bursting with a cluster of colorful flowers? And what does this mean for McQueen?

I don't think a ball gown is anywhere in my future so instead I've got my eye on this beauty. Right? Lauren, tell me I'm allowed. (Note: due to the time difference Lauren and I have been communicating solely through blog post drafts. For some reason this really makes me laugh.)

xx, M

PFW: Owens, Pugh, Theyskens, Margiela, TOGA + Mina Perhonen


From top to bottom:
Showroom visits!
1. To-die-for, creamy leather coats by Rick Owens
2. White patent leather accessories at Gareth Pugh (imagine owning one of these laptop cases!)
3. Furry evening clutches from Theyskens' Theory
4. Incredible pieces from the Margiela couture collection. The gold patchwork jacket in the middle is made entirely out of foil from champagne bottles!
5. Margiela shoes from the runway -- meant to look as though they were dipped in concrete, although they're totally flexible and light as ever
6. A TOGA fur/motorcycle jacket hybrid. Looks as though you're layering two pieces, when in reality it's a fur jacket with a leather collar. (I have my eye on this for the Fall!)
7. Delicate beaded necklaces from Mina Perhonen, another favorite up-and-coming Japanese designer