Turf's Up


Mint Designs coat (last worn here),
Thrifted blouse, 
Uniqlo skinny jeans (similar style here), 
14th and Union suede booties, 
Forever 21 chain necklace, 
Monoprix fringe bag.  

One day, while crossing under the bridge to get to Marlow & Sons (featured in another outing here), Lauren and I stumbled across this wall that was covered top to bottom in astroturf. The photographer geek in me couldn't wait to see how the bright green texture would pop against Lauren's sleek, monochromatic look.

Thankful that I had my camera on me, we immediately stopped to shoot, which required me to stand in the middle of the street to get any good pics. I'm pretty sure in the last shot Lauren has just finished yelling at me to move out of the way of a bus.

xx, M


  1. The photos are beautiful! Really nice look, I love the bag!


  2. love that bag! and the pics turned out stunning

  3. love the background on these pictures!

    xo SideSmile,


  4. Amazing photos and Lauren's outfit is very stylish!!! Usually it's the model that takes the risks!!! Haha


  5. Micol, i can't tell you how much I love your ombre hair! great outfit and cool background!
    xo, Tina

  6. I am in love with that bag!!! /seriously too pretty - and my favorite color) i like all the tones of the outfit. perfect.


  7. Haha Love the risks you take for awesome photos! Glad the bus didn't get you, but glad you took the risk. Love that astroturf wall! Yikes haha! And of course the monochromatic look is perfect!

  8. Beautiful! You guys always find such interesting backdrops for your shoots.

  9. Love the astroturf! Never seen it on a wall before :)

    And that bag is gorgeous!


  10. Love the astroturf wall as a backdrop...how fun! Great "shades of blue" outfit!


  11. You look great! I love this royal blue bag!! The color is so pretty.
    Haha nearly getting hit by a bus, 'just' for a good photo... life sure is tough for a blogger. ;)
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  12. I love the bag!

  13. We are in love with your blog!
    You look amazing!


  14. Love the location! It's such a great background!

    xx claude//imaginetheswallows.blogspot.com

  15. That astroturf wall is seriously awesome!! What a cool thing to stumble upon - I loove the coat, the color of the bag, and I am always a fan of soft monochromatic looks.

  16. good look Darling xoxo


  17. Lovely outfit! Beautiful coat and purple jeans!


  18. Amazing bag and boots! Lovely look!


  19. Gorgeous outfit and photos! The wall really is an incredible backdrop and glad that you managed to snap some shots safely! Love your blog, following now on bloglovin'! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment!


  20. Great outfit,
    and love the photos/location!! :)


  21. Lovin' all the shades of blue. The coat is my favorite piece.

    I love finding other bloggers from NYC with great style... I'm your newest follower.


  22. Great find! That wall is too cool! Loving Lauren's coat and bag! So fab!


  23. You have great style sense! That bag is amazing!
    That Haute dude

  24. Love this outfit and the photos are gorgeous, Lauren definitely pops against the green. Love the shot of the booties and fringe bag.

    xo erica

  25. love this effortless style!

  26. Very chic n effortless indeed
    Btw how abt we follow each other..if u like, let me know n I will follow right back

  27. Hello sweetpeas, thanks so much for stopping by... I'm glad you did otherwise I would have never discovered this gem of a blog! Loving that bag, me wants (anything cobalt)!

    I've managed to skim through a few more posts - gorgeous photography darl.


  28. Great, like it!



  29. Beautiful pictures and great outfit. Your blog is amazing, I'll follow you and I hope you can follow me back :)



  30. Lovely photos! The fringe purse is perfection & it's such a darling color! Love the bright blue hue! xo, Megs


  31. I love the colour of that bag!


  32. Finally I find the girls who I saw taking pics in the street under the bridge! I stumbled across your site thanks to Minkette's feature :) I saw you guys on this day while driving and told my boyfriend look at those girls, must be bloggers :) So happy to see you guys featuring the fun stuff around the neighborhood, great blog! Cyn - your fellow marcy ave stop wanderer.

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