Summer Mint


 80%20 Erie Wedges
ASOS backless mint green dress

Something needs to be said right away. Summer is HERE and holy hell it's hot. But unlike when I complain about the bitter cold of the winter I am loving what's happening right now in NYC. Summer is definitely my season and I enjoy it by wearing as few clothes as possible.

Example: my ASOS backless dress and zero adornments - save these amazing 80%20 Erie Wedges that you'll have a hard time prying off my feet this summer. They feel like sneaks and look like Wangs. I'm really ok with that.

I also want to mention that the photos in this series were shot by me and in tribute of my now vacated apartment. The backdrop is my old bedroom that receives the most amazing early evening light. I'll definitely miss it, but I'm also super excited to get some action in my new place. I promise to share photos once it's all set up!

For more pics, check out our final guest blog post for 80%20 here. It's been a great run!

xx, M

Let's Talk Crop


Thrifted crop tank (we love all the styles here as well), 
Vintage chiffon skirt and neon accent belt, 
Aldo tote bag (this version is awesome too), 
Alexander Wang sandals (last seen here).

I'm not normally one for bearing my midriff. But lately, inspired by the return of high waisted bottoms and the adorable bustier tops that were designed to complement them, I've been trying to open my mind to crop tops and exposing a bit of belly. 

After Micol's latest shopping spree ( even though she was supposed to be on a shopping hiatus) resulted in her bringing home a few loose crop tops of her own, I decided it was about time I set off to explore the trend myself. I headed to Buffalo Exchange to try and find a cheap and fun cropped shirt that I could use as a tester of sorts, and this was the result. I love finding exactly what I'm looking for!

Paired with a loose, flowing skirt and a vintage belt with a dash of neon, it was the perfect outfit for an East Village rooftop bbq. Minus when the wind kicked up and blew up my skirt. But at least it took the attention off my exposed midriff.

What do you think? To crop, or not?

Guess Again!


As we head into a long weekend we wanted to share with you guys a few outtakes from the GUESS 30th Anniversary shoot at Milk Studios. We were so thrilled to be a part of their campaign and as you can see in the photos, had no problem vamping it up for the camera!

This weekend Lauren is headed to New Hampshire with her bf for a little R&R, while I'm headed to the beach to soak up as much sun as possible. Hope everyone has an amazing and safe holiday weekend. We'd love to hear what you're planning!

xx, M

Boardwalk Brights


Urban Outfitters tiered tank, 
Thrifted patterned shorts, 
Mulberry bag, 
80%20 Paz sandals
C&A sunglasses, 
Vintage gold leaf chain.

This past weekend we finally had a break from the rain and just in time for me to run my 4th Half Marathon. The Brooklyn Half is one of my favorite runs because it starts in Prospect Park and ends in Coney Island. And what tastes better after a 13.1 mile run at 10am in the morning than a Nathan's hot dog? Yes, that happened.

Lauren's bf also ran in the half marathon so Lauren met us at the finish line to cheer us on. And although I was sweaty and achy we couldn't pass up an opportunity to capture her boardwalk ready outfit with the perfect summer backdrop. Rocking an amazing pair of 80%20 Paz sandals (check out the tribal print!) Lauren blended right in to her surrounding with her bright yellow tank and patterned shorts. Check out our guest blog post here for more pics.

PS. If you also make it down to Coney Island we highly recommend a stop at Plaza Mexico Dona Zita. Best tacos around.

xx, Micol

True Blue


Patrizia Pepe sweater (similar look here), 
Forever 21 Paris printed tank, 
Vintage belt and necklaces,
Thrifted foldover clutch (similar style here).

Come summer, Micol and I pretty much live in cutoff denim shorts, so when I saw these chino ones at Uniqlo in a bunch of different shades, I quickly scooped them up in hopes of adding a little variation to our warm weather wardrobe. They're a bit more preppy than what I usually go for, but I like the clean, simple cut and imagine that they'll be great to color block with as well.

Here I chose to pair them with varying tones of blue and white for a casual off-hours look, ideal for running errands in the hood. I think it's safe to say that everyone looks awesome in royal blue, and you can never go wrong in a worn out, printed tank (Paris reference optional).


Flower Bomb


Alexander Wang military dress, 
Xhilaration floral button-up dress (worn as a blouse- similar style here
Vintage crossbody bag.

Programming Note: Lauren's back! Whew. But in all seriousness, thank you guys so much for all of your lovely comments on the last post. Lauren will corroborate that I was freaking out about getting in front of the camera for you all. So thank you for reading, following and supporting us!

Now on to business per usual. Would you believe that the flower blouse Lauren is wearing is actually an extra large dress!? Well, it is and leave it to her to crop-tie it over her Wang army fatigue dress and call it a day.

Lately I've been more aware of little details and how the small things can make or break an outfit. Alexander Wang is especially good at adding these elements to his designs, and in this look I especially love the black zipper accents. They immediately take an otherwise basic shift dress and elevate it to crisp sophistication.

xx, M

Two in One


Outfit 1 - Working Woman:
80%20 Edie loafer in Natural,  
White blazer from La Di Da Dee, 
Peter Pan collar blouse from Pema
Blank denim jeans, 
Marc Jacobs Crosby Sutton bag.

Outfit 2 - Brunch Beauty: 
80%20 Edie loafer in Natural, 
Vintage Member's Only jacket (we love this leather version too), 
Thrifted babydoll dress (we love this mint green one too), 
Marc by Marc Jacobs 70's style handbag, 
Vintage belt.

If you're a regular reader of The Marcy Stop, you're no doubt familiar with our format: Micol shoots all the photos, I pose for them in whatever outfit we're showcasing, and we both take turns writing about whatever crosses our mind.

Well this week you're in for a treat! Guest blogging for 80%20 gave us the perfect opportunity to switch things up and put Micol in front of the lens so our readers could get a rare glimpse into her personal style and fashion-forward aesthetic. I mean, there's a reason why I love raiding her closet, people!

Check out our Instagram pics above to see how she styled 80%20’s Edie loafer for two completely different, but equally awesome, looks. And don't forget to click through here for more photos of her rocking each ensemble. 

Which look do you prefer?

Cool Mint


Blouse from La Di Da Dee, Brooklyn,
See You Soon pants (last seen here), 
14th & Union grey platform sandals, 
Carpisa satchel (last worn here),  
Vintage rings.

Is anyone else shocked that May is halfway over already? I feel as though this year is flying by. As it is, I now have only a little over two weeks until I move. I. can't. wait. Although I still love my current apartment, I've been wanting a change of scenery for awhile now and couldn't pass up the opportunity when a friend of mine told me she was vacating her spot. The best part about my new place? Not only is it still off the Marcy stop, but I'll have a backyard! 

Lauren, being the good sport she is, has been going with me to all the local furniture shops in our neighborhood to help me plan. On this particular day, perhaps inspired by her colorful mint green top and pink satchel combination, we came up with a killer idea for my new backyard decor: Pueblo chic. Let's just say it involves colorful pots, a mural of the Virgin Mary painted by Lauren, and a few religious relics here and there.

Imagine the amazing summertime photo shoot opps with that as a backdrop...

xx, M

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Blue Jean Baby


Thrifted maxi dress (last seen here),
Earl Jean jacket converted into a DIY vest, 
Target grommet belt, 
Dolce Vita snakeskin print platforms (similar style here), 
Vintage silver clutch, 
Necklace from Alter, Brooklyn.

On top of stealing borrowing Micol's clothes and accessories whenever I get a chance, I also love going over to her place and raiding her jewelry stash. While I have a ton of chains, beaded necklaces and other adornments that I've picked up from vintage stores and various travels, Micol's collection is full of quirky, standout statement necklaces--like this one she picked up recently from none other than Alter (also featured here and here).

I usually shy away from wearing large, heavy necklaces like this... if not for fear of looking like I tried too hard, at the very least because of the fear of accidentally breaking them.

Miraculously, I think neither one of my two fears came true while sporting this outfit, which is due in part to the jean vest that brings the intensity of the necklace down a notch. Micol and I just created the vest by lopping off the arms of a 10-year old Earl Jean jacket I had in my closet, and it might just be one of my favorite new clothing items for summer. DIY at it's easiest!


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Us [Micol - left, and Lauren - right] in the Anna Boyfriend Tee, $44, available at Guess
Image c/o Refinery29

We couldn't be more excited to finally share with you our feature on Refinery29 as part of the GUESS 30th anniversary celebration! Click through here to find out what we liked best about the 80s and what fashion items we can't wait to rock this year.

And many thanks to GUESS for including us in their roundup! Talk about an iconic brand... who wasn't wearing their jeans in the 80s?

xx, L+M

Salt & Pepper


Pepper Brogues c/o 80%20,  
YSL leather jacket, 
Vintage rocker tee, 
Thrifted studded belt, 
Mango jeans, 
Vintage crossbody bag.

As Lauren and I frequently raid each other’s closets and are very familiar with their contents, I was more than a bit surprised over the weekend when I arrived at her apartment and found her rocking a rock & roll tee I had never laid eyes on before. Ever the opportunist, she had decided to go shopping in her boyfriend’s closet instead, uncovering a vast selection of perfectly worn-out, vintage t-shirts. Paired with cuffed black jeans, a studded belt and these amazing 80%20 Pepper brogues, she was ready for a rock concert circa 1986.

What'd we wind up doing instead? Check out our guest post on 80%20's blog to see more pics and find out! (**Hint: it involves one of our favorite restaurants in Brooklyn)

xx, M

Derby Days


 Beige + grey silk ombre dress by Myra B. (we love this similar look too),
Mossimo waffle knit sweater (last seen here), 
Zara heels, 
Gold belt passed down from my grandma, 
Vintage hat and bag.

This past weekend, instead of celebrating Cinco de Mayo with what seemed like the rest of New York, Micol and I opted to keep things classy and head to one of our favorite local bars Maison Premiere for their annual Kentucky Derby party complete with a full mint julep menu and a rag band playing tunes.

We hesitated before heading out, unsure of whether we had dressed the part. Should we wear the ridiculous hats full of flowers and butterflies that we had made for the Belmont races a few years ago, or should we keep things more subdued? (This is Brooklyn after all...)

In the end, I settled on a neutral look, topped off with a springy hat that I bought last year at a Salvation Army in LA. Micol went for a black jumper and cropped white linen jacket. And after a few mint juleps in, we were perfectly content with our selections.

How did you spend your weekend?

Southside Heartbreaker


Vero Moda pink striped tee, 
H&M blazer (last seen here), 
Shorts from Wasteland, Santa Monica, 
Vintage DKNY vest, 
Hue thigh high socks,
Dolce Vita boots,
Alexander McQueen tote,  
Vintage necklace, 
Huffy bike.

As we've mentioned before on the blog, Lauren and I are part of a bike gang called the Southside Heartbreakers. That sounds way more tough than it really is - our bike gang has a total group tally of three and our bikes are pastel beach cruisers with baskets. But, whatever.

On the weekends we cross our fingers for sunny skies and warm weather and strike out for far away destinations - aka Greenpoint. On this particular fine day we made our way to two of my favorite boutiques: Alter and Old Hollywood. Of course I picked up this jumper and these amazing high-waisted One Teaspoon denim cut-offs and gave thanks for large baskets when we made our way home, loot in hand.

xx, Micol