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Aviva Falk (shown above) is the powerhouse designer behind her eponymous line, Viva Aviva. A transplant from Wisconsin, she arrived in NYC five years ago and quickly made her mark in the fashion industry: in 2008 she interned for Diane von Furstenburg, by Spring 2009 she had launched her own line Viva Aviva, and just three years later she was picked up by ShopBop.

We recently caught up with the fellow Brooklynlite and, true to her free-spirited nature, kept our questions anything but ordinary. Scroll down to hear her responses and see highlights from her latest lookbook, shot by none other than Micol.

What's the most unlikely place from which you've draw inspiration?
AF: Strangely enough, I get a lot of inspiration while riding my bike over the Williamsburg Bridge.  There’s a point where you hit the water and your mind opens up and all of a sudden, the dresses start twirling.

Percentage likelihood of rocking a Canadian Tuxedo?
AF: I like to say that if you always dress for a party, life will always be one--and to that end, I don’t own very many casual clothes. It’s not that I’m politically opposed to the Canadian tuxedo specifically, jeans just so happen to be my arch nemesis in life. So by default, I would say .1%

Describe one your most memorable NYC moments.
AF: Years ago, I was at the premiere of “Bill Cunningham: New York” and I wore a black gown with a cape from my Spring/Summer 2009 collection. It was beautiful: almost full length, covered in 500 silk chiffon roses I’d spent hours hand rolling [you girls remember]. I tied my hair up, wore burgundy lipstick, my highest heels. While I was searching for my seat, I turned around and there was Anna Wintour. We locked eyes. The corners of her mouth turned up. Was it a smile? I can’t go that far… did I have a moment with her? Obviously. Did she with I? I presume it’s one of the many secrets hiding in that brown bob of hers.

How would you describe your personal style in three words?
AF: Fashion. Sensory. Overload.

Tina Fey or Amy Poehler?
AF: Amy Poehler, hands down.

Photography Credit: Micol Cortese


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