Contrasts + Collars


Simply Vera Wang shearling jacket (similar here), 
Rainbow contrast-collar blouse (same here), 
BCBG cashmere vneck sweater, 
Nikki Damask jeans c/o David Kahn
Fold-over clutch c/o Shoemint (last seen here), 
Vintage flat-brow sunglasses (similar here), 
ASOS studded boots (similar look here).

So Lauren and I both own these pants. Which means there have been several occasions when we've met up with each other after work, not knowing what the other was wearing, and there was a very real risk of one of us having *almost* worn them the same day as the other. I mean, this happens a lot.

On this day, we managed to yet again avoid looking like Parent Trap twins when Lauren came over to my place for a change to hang and play with my pup. My apartment isn't that fun for her because I am TV-less, a fact that bothers more people than it bothers me. Hello, internet? Thank you I will stream Homeland for free.

And yes, if you can read those street signs you now know where I live and can come find me and we'll grab a drink. I'm friendly like that.

 xx, M

PS: As some of you might know, Rebecca Minkoff finally debuted the video we did with them this past Fall. Watch it below and let us know what you think! And to learn more about us, our neighborhood, and what we'll be doing for the holidays, check out our full interview here on their blog.


  1. Great post, I LOVE those pants and how you styled the outfit!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. Great video! LOVE the sequin jacket in it. You ladies are to much fun ;)

    AND I love your jacket in these photos as well, along with the pants.

  3. I love the patterned skinny pants paired with a colored bootie! So stylish!


  4. Oh I am impressed!!! Your video is amazing! Can't wait to visit New York and stay at the Wythe again! Hope I will see you next time!

  5. amazing; DD

    new post |!!!

  6. This outfit is amazing!!! Love the pants!


  7. That video was sooo awesome! Love this, understandable why you both love those trousers so much, they are gorgeous! Really great look, that jacket is amazing as is those super cool boots! :)

    Take care,

    Daniella xox

  8. You look AMAZING! I've always been jealous of your perfect hair!! Love that video!


  9. Here I like the most long legs of Lauren <3

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  10. You girls are too cool, LOVE the video!!! Love the shearling jacket and shirt, and those pants are top notch! Looking great Lauren! xxx

  11. Love your outfit! Your jacket is amazing! :)

  12. Okay, let me just say that video is awesome!! It must have been soo fun to shoot!!
    Loving those pants and boots! I can just see y'all matching--too cute!


  13. great pattern and love your jacket!

  14. Loved the boot and the jeans. You look great <3

    Bong's Belleza

  15. I love your jacket! Love love love the video!!!

    ~~♥ ♥ ♥~~

  16. beautiful!


  17. Gushing over this incredibly styled outfit, love each individual piece but together they are sensational!

  18. That vid was so fun! Great pants. Love that you tied in those booties with it.


  19. an other super outfit.the jacket rocks xxx

  20. This is amazing! It reminds me of something Rachel Zoe would wear. - glam and chic ! love it .

    Xo Amy,
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  21. Very nice! And this blog is super fresh!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!:)

    Sun and Sany

  22. Very interesting blog, I like your outfit. Stylish!

    I follow you blog, I hope you follow me back :)

    -Alexander and Elena

  23. After reading your post I wondered what you'd do if the both of you showed up one day wearing the same pants. Your vid was interesting and lovely to watch.

  24. I want those pants too! They are fantastic and look great with those booties! Love this look!

    Pearls & Paws

  25. Great video congrats!!!

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