Mad Plaid


Vintage tweed coat, Jbrand leather trenchcoat (just seen here), Theory asymmetrical sweater, Zara plaid pants, Catarzi for ASOS hat, Small gold spike necklace c/o Gold and Gray, Rebecca Minkoff Tri-zip satchel (also seen here), Hinge wedge booties. Shot by Isaac Lacey.

Yesterday I planned a night out in the neighborhood with a few girlfriends, and a discussion came up on what the perfect going-out shoe is when it's snowing. Should we go with the stiletto approach, using our sharp heels as a form of pickaxe for our feet? Or just resign to wearing a pair of combat boots and/ or wellies and playing it safe?

I myself am still in search of the perfect, dressed-up shoe for the snow, but I'm open to experimenting 'til I finally find it! The shoes I'm wearing above, however, did not make the cut. I probably slipped five times on my way to work, and finally just started walking in the middle of the street to avoid icy patches. Ah, the perils of winter in the city. How do you cope?


  1. This is gorgeous, the colour palate is stunning xo

  2. I love what's going on here! The boots, hat, tweed down to the pants! Love it all, great styling!

  3. Those pants are stunning on you!

  4. I have the same epic battle with what shoes to wear in the snow. I do go with the snowboot typically especially if I'm going to work then I'll just switch out my boots for shoes...but if i'm going out going out thats whole other thing. It's either the boots I have i don't want to mess them up or I don't want to slip and break my neck in them lol. When you find those perfect boots let me know lol

    I love love love your pants!


  5. i love these colors! and that hat is great!


  6. I love all the colors in your outfit!

    xo Jennifer

  7. Cool outfit! Love the hat!

  8. love your pants! been looking for a pair like that x

  9. great post!

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  10. I must say two things. You are soooo beautiful and this look is so amazing)

  11. Loving the layered look with the wine and shades of brown colors. :-)


  12. Love the colors in this outfit. Amazing!

  13. Looking damn good, lady! I feel ya on the whole shoe situation... I bought the Frye logger boots last year and they have some serious traction on the bottom (like lumberjack status, but not like you've given up). I rarely slip and couldn't be happier. Let's do pho with Micol soon!


  14. That vintage tweed coat is stunning. And not surprised it is vintage as it fits so well and is not over sized and boxy like todays coats are. Or running 2-3 sizes bigger then the label. Just gore!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  15. What an amazing outfit, I love everything about it, especially the hat, what a great color, you look lovely!
    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic


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