Cameo the Label denim shirt (similar here), Vintage shaggy vest, Swing coat c/o Oasis (similar here), Cheap Monday DIY ripped jeans, Elliott Lucca shopper, Guess Fallon cateye sunglasses, Sporty watch c/o Guess watches, Nordstrom ID bracelet (similar here), Old Hollywood ring, Merona ankle bootsShot by Isaac Lacey.

By now you've probably all heard the big news: Micol is moving to San Fran and has officially left The Marcy Stop. I've known since the beginning of the year but I wanted her to share it with you herself, which came in the form of our last post.

No longer having a partner in blogging crime has been a weird thing to adjust to. Other than shooting with someone new (my bf Isaac, as some of you have probably noticed), it's such a change to all of a sudden be responsible for 100% of the content on the blog. No more brainstorms, sharing responsibilities or always having a friend to attend events with... I'm now just another personal style blogger, without the other half that made The Marcy Stop so unique.

What's the point of all this? Not really sure. I guess it's just a forewarning that in the next few months you'll probably be seeing a lot of changes on the blog, both big and small. But I hope you decide to stick around as I experiment with what The Marcy Stop will become in its next life!


  1. Great outfit....

  2. Hope you get to do some great experimentation with this blog now :) love your shirt, a great colour and pattern
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

  3. so sad that you lost her ;(....loving the photos still and those jeans make the whole look for me!
    sheree xxx

  4. Will most definitely be sticking around to see the changes that come to the blog, loving your first solo post - what a great look!

  5. great look ;))

    new post

  6. You look amazing and I am sure you will both be great!

  7. Amazing outfit! That jacket is something beautiful. And don't worry, you'll adjust just fine. You're great!

  8. You pull off that coat and ripped denim combo so nicely! So sorry to see Micol leave but you're going to be great doing this solo, excited to see the changes! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  9. good luck with all of the changes for your blog. what a great post to start off with. that blue coat is perfect!


  10. I love this look and what a great top.

  11. Love the denim shirt!

  12. Love your shirt.

  13. Good luck! It'll be a hard adjustment I'm sure, but she's got some great opportunities and now you'll be able to make all sorts of new friends to help you out.

  14. Sorry to hear about her leaving, but SF is a wonderful city, and wishing you the best in continuing your lovely blog. Great outfit, I love the coat! xx Madison

  15. cute jeans!

  16. Love your style, and blog! Thanks for your comment! xx

  17. wow! dear, you look fab! amazing photos!
    Emma xx

  18. wow, this shirt is so amazing!
    just love the outfit, dear)

    please visit my blog)
    keep in touch, xoxo
    love, Yulia

  19. Love your total look here!

  20. me encanta tu blog!!! visita el mío siempre que quieras!

  21. I'll be sticking around! I'm sure the changes would still make this blog awesome. :-)


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