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The Reformation skirt (last seen here as a dress), Express crop top (Loving this one too), Lader watch c/o Larsson + JenningsBauble Bar necklace, Nanette Lepore bag, Chero bootie c/o Shelly's London (similar here). Shot by Isaac Lacey.

The other day I read a stat that fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world after oil and agriculture, and it really stopped and made me think. While I love welcoming new items into my closet, at the same time I feel guilty contributing to the pollution and waste that is the apparel industry. Since I've started blogging I've become even more torn; is it possible to keep up with the latest fashion trends while at the same time trying to reduce your footprint in life?

My solution thus far has been to turn to thrift and vintage shopping, as well as repurpose items in my wardrobe that I no longer wear. I try to go through my clothes every season and pull out items to donate or sell to thrift stores, and when I'm looking for a new trend to add to my wardrobe I usually stake out those same shops to find it first. Take the skirt above, for example, which used to be a Reformation dress that I found at a thrift store. After accidentally popping it in the dryer it shrank to tiny proportions, but instead of tossing it out, I took it to my tailor to see what he could do with it and... ta da! In the end it felt great to repurpose something instead of chucking it in the trash, not to mention I'm loving the results.

What's your take on fashion and wastefulness?


  1. LOVE this skirt!!! And those shoes are so rad!


  2. So happy you mentioned this! I too have recently started to sell the items I no longer use so someone else can enjoy and have also been thrifting a lot of my goods.

    Also love your look :)

    Cyn from

  3. I have to admit I'm not really one for Thrift stores, however I've started to sell or donate all my old clothes whenever I don't wear them anymore. I'd like to think that's helping a little.
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  4. sometimes i try to give back by clearing out my closet , and taking a break form buying new items. Such a great post, i love your outfit.



  5. i love that skirt! and your tattoo is so cute!


  6. Wow, I had no idea! Just go's to show how ignorant I've been. I guess even though I contribute to the pollution by buying new, I don't buy huge amounts and I don't throw things out. I love this skirt of yours Lauren, so cute :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  7. Skirt and shoes are both super cool!

  8. que tu es jolie!

    Nouveau post en ligne sur le blog :
    Coline ♥

  9. The result is fantastic.

  10. Love how your skirt turned out! You look stylish, as always!
    I try to shop less but this never happens ...however, I wear my old clothes a lot! I shop my closet first for the new trends... and I usually update old items with new trendy ones or accessories..
    x Nina

  11. Really cool outfit! I especially like the skirt xo

  12. My thoughts exactly plus it's especially hard being a mom when I don't get "dressed" up as I used too. It's just so easy to be comfy in workout attire all day while running the kids around after school! I fight with this on a daily basis...I have too many clothes but still love fashion!

  13. Great post. I love thrift/vintage shops. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I think I've always loved repurposing pieces or even making garments of my own, because it's hard to keep up with what's the latest at times, especially since I just like to wear what I want! The shoes are my favourite and you look great dear!
    Day to Night Style


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