Wedding Belles


My sister on her wedding day, wearing vintage earrings and a dress by Junko Yoshioka. Click thru to see highlights from the event, shot by me and Isaac Lacey.

Ahhhh, weddings. There's really no greater joy than seeing two people you adore express and celebrate their love and devotion for one another, all while surrounded by their closest friends and family. My sister's last weekend was one of the most memorable events I've ever had the pleasure of attending, from the picture-perfect ceremony complete with beautifully written vows, to the epic speeches that each family delivered (admittedly, mine could have been better - apparently I need some practice using a microphone) down to one of the best dance parties I've been to in awhile (at the end of the night we lit up sparklers and things got pretty turnt... let's just say there were bongos involved). 

Party aside, my sister looked every part the gorgeous bride, donning romantic curls, vintage glass earrings that belonged to my mother, a beautiful bouquet that I'm proud to say we made the night before, and a stunning lace corset-dress that fit her perfectly. Since the wedding party was small, just me (her MOH) and the Best Man (pictured in the laughing image above), she let me pick out what I wanted to wear, which led me to this navy Zimmermann gown (they have a similar one on-site here). I loved the peaked sweetheart neckline and the simple elegance of the dress - perfect for a night of dancing and celebration that I'll never forget. 


  1. fine pics; D


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  2. She really is one stunning bride! All the best to your sister and her husband!

  3. We had 60 guests and it was the most pleasurable night ever. Their owner is amazing! He is so accommodating and will work with you so your event turns out just the way you want it.

  4. beautiful pictures, it seemed like a perfect wedding <3


  5. quelles superbes photos de mariage, j'adore, c'├ętait parfait il semble

  6. Oh woww!! Everyone & everything looks so beautiful. Your sister looks amazing, I adore her gown and you Miss are looking like the chicest bridesmaid ever!! Stunning pictures :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xx

  7. AHh. These are so beautiful. Congratulations to your beautiful sister! Such a beautiful wedding!

  8. she's gorgeous! you look so much alike!



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