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On me: Nasty Gal shearling jacket, Embroidered dress c/o Calypso St. Barth, Gold and Gray spike necklace, Elizabeth and James wedge boots  |  On Isaac: Member's Only leather jacket, Express sweater, Uniqlo jeans, Cole Haan boots. Shot by Andrew Arboleda.

New York is an easy place to meet people, but a tough place to date. Everyone is traveling at 100 miles an hour, and it seems like it's next to impossible for some people to slow down long enough to be able to enter into a relationship and commit to one person. So I feel really lucky to be able to spend another Valentine's Day (now our 4th!) with Isaac. 

Isaac and I actually met close to this time in 2010. I was out on the town with my gbff Chuck and we decided to go to a music gig that a mutual acquaintance was putting on at this random place on the Bowery called Karma. Isaac happened to be there too, and Chuck immediately started chatting him up while I went to grab us drinks. Midway into their conversation Chuck asked him, 'Wait, are you gay or straight,' and when Isaac replied that he was straight Chuck told him he had just the girl for him to meet. Five minutes later, we were sharing a drink at the bar together... and the rest is history! 

So, I guess I owe a huge thanks to Chuck, who spotted Isaac first and introduced us not knowing that five years later, Isaac would still be my Valentine. And huge thanks to Isaac, for humoring my gbff and then buying me a drink. I'm so happy to call you mine and can't thank you enough for all the unwavering support and love you've showered me with over these years. And a final thanks to you, my readers, for letting me take a day to get sappy with you all! I promise it will only happen once a year. Maybe.


  1. what a cute story!!! you guys are adorable!

    xx nikki

  2. nice one
    happy val

  3. Very cute photos. I love your coat!


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