Darkness and Denim


Nasty Gal By its Cover coat, Barney's Originals leather jacket, GAP denim shirt, Zip-up denim skirt c/o Warehouse, Rebecca Minkoff Waverly bag (just seen here), Express fingerless gloves (similar here), Hue tights, Zara colorblocked boots (similar here). Shot by Scott Harris Brasher.
New York in the depths of winter is tough. It's dark, it's dismal out. Days that aren't snowy or slushy are bitterly cold. Even when the sun is shining brightly and it looks like a gorgeous day, chances are it's a lie. So why would anyone choose to live here? 

I've been asking this of my circle of friends lately, and their responses always vary. But when I really start to dig deeper, I always wind up wondering, could I live anywhere else at the moment? I used to have elaborate dreams of moving to Paris, and on really bad (i.e. cold) days I sometimes envision myself back in Los Angeles, waking up to surf at the break of dawn every morning and basking in my hometown's eternal sunlight. But in the end I know I would miss it all after a few weeks. The trash and cold and hustle and grime. I'd miss the bodegas, the bars, the cabs, the tourists, the constant hubbub. Do you choose what city you wind up in, or does the city choose you? Guess only time will tell!

{Side note: huge thanks to Scott Brasher for braving the cold and shooting these snaps with me a few weeks back. Something about them captures my current mood perfectly.}


  1. I love the clashing denim and that pop of burnt orange, you're look as gorgeous as ever Lauren!

    Lauren x
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  2. You look beautiful. Those red booties are stellar!

  3. Love the skirt, it´s so cool! Bag and coat are divine too!

  4. nice look ;-0

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  5. The coat is nice :)


  6. i think the city chooses you without you even knowing it. as a kid i always thought i'd live in NYC. i moved here...lived here for just short of 5 years in the city...and moved away to buy a house and get some space. two and a half years later guess where i wound up? back in NYC!
    p.s. i love those booties!

  7. This outfit is so good! I'm from LA but moved to Hawai'i but I've always dreamed of living in New York so you are definitely lucky in my books!

  8. amazing photos. so cool!
    Un abbraccio
    Valentina Astorino e Eva Sabin The AnarChic

  9. That skirt is gorgeous, as are the boots! Really chic look! <3 /Madison
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