West Village Wanderings


Mint Designs wool trench, H and M striped shirt, J Brand leather skirt (similar here), Calzedonia polka dot tights, Alexander McQueen tote, Bersha half cat-eye sunglasses (last seen here), Vanessa Mooney cuff (via Rocksbox), And Other Stories boots. Shot by Erica Lavelanet.

One of my favorite things about working as a freelancer in a creative industry is being able to dictate my own schedule. It's really the only way this blog continues to exist, and probably also one of the sole reasons I've been able to survive in New York this long... at least mentally. This flexibility is also key to me attending press previews, taking midday coffee meetings, and meandering about the West Village after a filling brunch presentation hosted by Ralph Lauren, as was the case in the images above. 

While I'm a huge fan of Brooklyn, there's something about the West Village that exudes charm even on grey, semi-frigid Spring days. Colorful doors, cute stoops perfect for people-watching, glimpses of crown-moulding through sky-high windowpanes. In college I always told myself as I grew older and started making more money I would slowly move West across Manhattan, the West Village being my ultimate goal, until eventually I moved back West to LA once New York got the best of me. Funny how things change over time, though it's still nice to revisit old dreams.


  1. awesome!!


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  2. Nice outfit! Love your shoes!

  3. love those tights!
    xx nikki

  4. Oh I hear you, I have a full time job in publishing and maintaing a blog on a regular basis is quite challenging. But it has opened so many doors and I love it so I continue to do it, and oh yes the West Village is very charming and very European. And Soho too, funny but before I worked there I could only get there on weekends when I wasn't working uptown which I did not do often because I was put off by the crowds. But now that I work there I just fell in love with this part of the city, though I could never live there due to the rampant never ending construction for the 1% too loud and too annoying though I will always have a fond memory of taking my nephew to the Kid Robot store when he was 12. Oh and LOVE what you are wearing as always.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


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