Art meets fashion in LA's Eastside.

Abercrombie crop top (just seen here), Zinke eyelet skirt (similar here), Vintage hat, Derek Lam sunglasses, Julian backpack c/o Rebecca Minkoff, Forever 21 platforms (similar here). Shot by Isaac Lacey at ProjectionLA.

In New York, everywhere you turn seems like its own living art installation. The buildings are buried in history, their facades each whispering something about the past if you care enough to listen. The walls and sidewalks are equally alive with marks old and new: faded graffiti, ads, posters. Layers of meaning embedded into otherwise lifeless concrete and brick. 

Los Angeles doesn't have the same flair to me; It's a newer city, more spread out, more clean. Which is why when I heard of ProjectionLA, artist Vincent Lamouroux's public art installation off of Sunset Ave, I was immediately interested and knew I had to stop by. Luckily, Isaac was happy to play tourist with me, so we drove out there after brunch one morning to walk around and take some snaps of the disruptive and somewhat eerie setting. If you're in the area, I highly recommend checking it out. Even though the weeds and shrubs have grown out the cracks and the dust has accumulated, eviscerating the impact of the original whitewashed property, it's almost as though the installation has taken on a life of its own, slowly deteriorating and being eaten away by nature over time. Regardless, it's definitely worth at least a drive-by!


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  2. Gorgeous! Love the skirt and the sunnies are so cool!

  3. Love the cutout detail of this skirt Lauren, such a gorgeous spin on a classic skirt :)

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  4. so pretty ;-)

    new post


  5. Awesome skirt!
    Nice post and have a lovely weekend!!

  6. Awesome skirt!
    Nice post and have a lovely weekend!!

  7. This is pretty installation, gives you something to think about)
    Great outfit, that skirt is so perfect for hot summer days!


  8. Nice look! I love your skirt<3
    Btw, mind following each other? Let me know :)


  9. I’m obsessed with your skirt - so pretty and unique! I love the accessories you chose too. You look amazing.

  10. stunning look! i absolutely love your skirt! so pretty :)


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