Born to Roam: Off Bedford


Biking up Bedford Ave for Part 2 of our series with Nasty Gal.

On me: Monica top, Renegade buckle skirt, Quay sunglasses and Neoprene flatforms all by Nasty Gal. On Erica: Distressed tee, After Party vintage jeans, Nila Anthony bag, Woodstock platforms all by Nasty Gal. Shot by Scott Brasher on Beford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

For Part II of our series with Nasty Gal (check out Part I here), Erica, Scott and I ventured North on Bedford Avenue, which is essentially Williamsburg's main artery, lined with cute boutiques, raging bars and a wide range of restaurants & even street vendors. I often bike up Bedford to get to McCarren park and Greenpoint, and it's always cool to see what new places have popped up along the way. 

One of my favorite places to hang out has to be the Bedford Cheese Shop (shown in the first image) which is ideal for drooling over artisanal foods and wares, then grabbing a fresh baguette, thin-sliced proscuitto, some cornichons and a hunk of cheese for a picnic in the park. All I hope is that with the opening of mega-chains like Whole Foods (this Fall) and Starbucks (which just opened), these smaller businesses will have a chance to survive. It would be a shame to see the place become another Union Square... but that's the downside of gentrification I guess!


  1. so cute! ; -)

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  2. Love the jeans and the skirt and both pairs of sandals are fab!

  3. Perfect olive skirt! I'm in love with your blog and those photos,.


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  4. Love the olive skirt - great alternative to the button down trend of the summer x

  5. You look absolutely rad! Love the olive colour!

  6. Love how you styled these looks, the army green skirt is perfection! Beautiful ladies.

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    xx Falasha

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  7. Nice looks girls! Bisous from France, *-* Sand. *-*

  8. Awwww, awesome pics! You too look so amazing and SO New York style :) Cool outfits!

    xo Stefanie

  9. Beautiful pictures! :)


  10. love it!
    kisses from dubai ♥

  11. amazing post, kisses!

  12. love this post. you gals are gorgeous!

  13. You look so stylishly chic.
    Both have different persona
    Love it

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