Ciao, Corsica!


Chasing summer on one of my favorite Mediterranean islands.

ASOS mosaic swimsuit and sunglasses, Nasty Gal boater hat, Wren + Glory leaf headpiece. Shot by Isaac Lacey in Propriano, Corsica.

It's a weird thing to be on vacation and watch coverage from the streets and runways of NYFW. There's a small part of me that's experiencing the worst #fomo ever, while the remaining parts are breathing a collective sigh of relief at the thought of not having to deal with dressing up, showing up, waking up, staying out, schmoozing and trying to hit every event and show on my calendar, all while juggling a busy schedule back at the office. Trying to keep up with the flow and expose yourself to every experience possible gets exhausting after awhile, but that's also part of the fun of Fashion Week, right? 

I used to think I would jump at the opportunity to trade in the concrete sidewalks of New York for a sandy beach somewhere, eagerly swapping my heels for bare feet and replacing my overflowing closet full of dresses, coats, boots and everything in-between for an easy-breezy collection of swimsuits and cover-ups... but I'm clearly feeling some type of way about not being in New York at the moment. It seems even the surreal beauty of Corsica can't distract me long enough, but at least in the back of my mind I know I'll be back in the city soon. Until then, I'm thoroughly enjoying the beauty of the Corsican coastline on what will likely be my last summer getaway, and luckily I'll always have Instagram to get my daily dose of creative street style and glitzy backstage shots. That said, happy 5th day of NYFW!  


  1. Very nice shots! Love your swimsuit!

  2. Great pictures :)

  3. so cute look ; -))

    i invite to me too

  4. Amaze photos! Love those swimmers


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