Labor Daze in Saratoga Springs


Where to let your wild side run free in upstate New York.

 Necessary Clothing coord, Missguided sunglasses, Urban Outfitters necklace (also seen here), Abercrombie sandals (similar here). Shot by Erica Lavelanet in Saratoga Springs National Park.

Labor Day weekend is finally here, signaling the end of all things summer. Goodbye summer Fridays. Goodbye all-white ensembles (though really, who even listens to that rule anymore?). Goodbye early happy hours and late sunsets. It feels as though it's our one last weekend to grab life by the reigns, to purchase that plane ticket to somewhere random or to rent that car and drive it upstate just for the sake of it. The one excuse to get outdoors, flaunt our fit(ter) summer bodies and dive in to that body of ice cold water before it freezes up in a few months. And it's our final chance to bust out all the summer gear that we'll soon have to store away: crop tops, flip flops, straw hats, oversized beach totes.... So here's hoping that whatever you decide to do, you're making the most of it! 

As for me, I'm headng to Minneapolis, Minnesota with a group of friends to hit the infamous state fair, soak up some sun lakeside from the comfort of a pontoon boat, and overall just get a little taste of that Midwestern lyfe. Feel free to follow along on my adventures on Instagram, or if not, I'll see you on the other side!


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