Sunset Stroll


Venturing out of Brooklyn for a date with the sunset.

 Warehouse fringe dress (similar here), Nasty Gal Panama hat, Pacsun necklace, Coach satchel, Satinato sandals (similar here). Shot by Isaac Lacey on the Hudson river.

Sometimes when you're surrounded by endless skyscrapers, oppressive heat and the constant buzz of traffic it's easy to forget that Manhattan is an island, surrounded on all sides by bodies of water. To remind myself of this fact, one of my favorite activities is biking from my corner of Brooklyn, over the Williamsburg bridge, down through the Southstreet Seaport and then around the southern tip of the island to catch the sunset on the Westside highway.

Admittedly it's been awhile since I've made this excursion (lately it's been so oppressively hot in the city) but until the weather cools I've just been hopping on the L train, riding it all the way West to 8th Ave, then walking a few blocks over to the waterfront to take in the view. It's the perfect start to a little date night (as was the case here) and also a great way to cool down after a crazy day of work. My suggested outfit for such an occasion? Low heels & something cool & breezy like this fringed shift dress. Preferred time of day? Golden hour, obviously.



  1. so amazing!! ;-))

    i invite to me too

  2. Great look! Lovely dress!


  3. What a gorgeous sunset and perfect place to go for date night! I love your fringe dress!


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