The Cape Blazer


Superhero chic is so hot right now.

Lavish Alice cape blazer c/o ASOS, American Apparel racerback tank, Lovers + Friends boyfriend shorts, Vince Camuto crossbody bag, And Other Stories sunglasses, PacSun necklace, Antique rings, Schutz boots. Shot by Isaac Lacey. 

While the thought of Fall is enticing (cooler temps, cozy sweaters, knee-high boots), I'm still trying to hold on to every last bit of summer that I possibly can... and this seems to be reflected most in my wardrobe decisions. I'm not ready to say goodbye to my cutoffs and tank tops, so right now I'm all about finding that balance by slowly incorporating subtle layers and chic close-toed shoes into my looks. 

One of my must-haves for in-between seasons? A lightweight blazer. So when ASOS reached out to me to style one from their collection I was super quick to jump on board. Between sleeveless styles, cropped numbers, funky prints and cape blazers like the one I'm wearing above, there are so many original pieces to get you excited for Fall. Plus you can never go wrong in crisp white while you're still sporting that summer tan!


  1. You look amazing! Love the necklace!!


  2. This cape is a real stunner. You look so polished!

  3. great style! ;-))

    i invite to me too

  4. Great outfit! Love the cape blazer!

  5. i'm obsessed with cape blazers! such a chic look!!!

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