Metallic Rose


Let your Fall wardrobe shine in a structured, metallic jacket.

 Forever Unique jacket (sample), Stolen Uma dress, Coach bag, Leopard print pumps c/o Shoedazzle. Shot by Isaac Lacey.

This just might be one of my favorite looks on the blog to date. It's simple, but still statement-making. Refined, but still edgy. Not to mention... how killer is this metallic jacket?! (It comes in three colorways, just FYI...). Sadly, in the end I had to return the jacket as it was a sample I pulled from my friend's PR showroom, but seeing how empowered it makes me feel, I just might just have to swoop one up stat.

What's interesting to think is that before I started The Marcy Stop I probably would have steered clear of a piece like this. The color is not something I would have worn back then, not to mention I would have thought the zipper detail and slightly padded shoulders weren't flattering on my figure. One of the nice things about blogging has been how much it's opened me up to trying out new things, making me realize in the process that everyone has their insecurities, especially when it comes to their own body and what looks good on it. I've really tried for the past two years to use the blog as a launchpad for my own style experimentation, thereby challenging myself to look those insecurities in the eye almost daily. And through this introspection I have come to realize that sometimes the things we hate most about ourselves are the things that make us most unique. On that note, Happy Monday. Let's kill this week!


  1. Lovely combination
    You look so chic with that rider jacket

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  2. so amazing!! ; -)0

    i invite to me too

  3. Love the pink dress with the metallic moto jacket and the shoes are gorgeous!


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