Paris in the Rain


Because spending a rainy day in Paris is better than spending a day anywhere else...

Timberland Belknap leather jacket, Madewell sweatshirt, Supermuse skirt (also seen here), ASOS sunglasses, Two-tone tote c/o Nila Anthony, Zara boots. Shot by my dad in Paris, France.

As some of you who follow me on Instagram might know, last week I bit the bullet and hopped a last minute, standby flight to Paris for a quick four days to join my parents at an apartment they rented in the 6th Arrondissement. The weather was terrible from the moment I landed. Grey clouds stretching for miles, bitter cold winds, a constant drizzle that felt like the sky was spitting on you. And yet, I couldn't have been more content to be there.

I've noticed over the years that there are some places in the world where whatever the weather, whatever happens to you, whatever mood you might be in, you can't help but be your happiest... and Paris is definitely that place for me. I barely even felt the cold when I walked around because I was filled with such an inner warmth and joy to just be back in the city, practicing my French, strolling by the Seine and taking it all in block-by-block. Of course, it could have been the mulled wine we were sipping on throughout the day, or this heavy-duty leather jacket that I'm so glad I packed last minute... but I'd like to think it was just the romance of Paris: rich, thick and oddly comforting no matter the weather.


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