Brooklyn Coffee Break


My guide to a few favorite coffee shops in South Williamsburg.
Because we all need a midday pick-me-up at some point. 

Mint Designs wool trench  (similar here), Bella Dahl plaid shirt, Vintage hat (similar here), Joelle Hawkens bucket bag, Jbrand Maria jeans, Hinge booties. Shot by Scott Brasher

Some days, there's really nothing quite as satisfying as a hot cuppa Joe. There's something at once comforting, therapeutic and uplifting about your first coffee of the day, and it's become a little ray of sunshine I look forward to most mornings. While my favorite cups are often brewed at home c/o Isaac, I go on frequent coffee runs when he's not around, and since I live, work and spend the majority of my time off of the Marcy Ave stop in South Williamsburg I thought I'd put together a little guide to a few of my favorite spots. Take notes from my roundup below, and if you're ever in the hood, be sure to check em out!


(in no particular order)

1. Gourmet Guild: This local grocer, deli, bakery and coffeeshop is stocked with all your needs, from coffee and donuts, to fun artisanal wares, to fresh sandwiches (and bimbimbap) to kombucha on tap. I love that most of their vendors are local, plus the people that work here rock.

2. Summers Brooklyn: What can I say, I'm a Cali girl at heart, and this coffeeshop takes me back to summers on the beach in Santa Monica, soaking up the sun and watching surfers catch waves. I'm a huge fan of their soy lattes and green juices, plus if you're hungry their avocado toast is a killer deal (and delish to boot). They also just opened one in Soho.. if the thought of Brooklyn scares you.

3. Devocion: This is not your typical coffeeshop. Sky-high ceilings pour light into this gorgeous space which doubles as a coffee roaster and cafe. If you drop by, definitely purchase a bag of their coffee to take home... it's amazing! I'm also a huge fan of their infused teas.

4. Marlow & Sons: Whether grabbing a coffee to-go or taking a morning meeting, Marlow & Sons is one of those spots that always feels like a treat. The space is at once homey and stylish, the coffee strong and simple, and the baked goods (and frittata) always fresh. This spot pretty much epitomizes South Williamsburg's laid-back vibes. 

5. The Bakeshop by Woops: This place is one of those coffeeshops that (much like Devocion's towering garden wall) seems to show up in everyone's Instagram feed at some point. It's whitewashed interior and white tile floors just make for picture-perfect photos, and the coffee is pretty damn good as well. Their macarons are the perfect complement, and make great edible gifts too.

6. Freehold: Though I've only been here for late-night dance parties, this newcomer is generating a lot of buzz for its multipurpose lounge meets coffeeshop meets bar/resto concept. During the day the cafe is apparently full of freelancers grinding away on laptops, and with ample space and an endless supplies of caffeine I'm sure would make for a great alternative to working from home. 


Thanks for stopping by! I read all of your comments and love hearing from you. xL