Antelope Canyon's Allure


Some places leave you with more questions than answers. Welcome to Antelope Canyon.

Obey leather jacket, Uniqlo printed faux-shearling sweatpants, Gypsy Warrior raglan tee, Rebecca Minkoff backpack, 66 North trapper hat (I love this one too), Reebok Classics. Shot by Isaac Lacey in Page, AZ.

As if Sedona wasn't gorgeous enough, we then drove 4 hours North to the tiny, unassuming desert town of Page, AZ, which wound up being one of the most memorable stops on our trip. In addition to being only about a mile away from Horseshoe Bend, one of the most photographed locations on the Colorado River, it's also home to the picturesque Antelope Canyon

This is one of those surreal places on earth that you enter and never want to leave. A deep canyon full of twists, turns, undulating color, and waves of sand and stone that combine with the sun's rays and the time of day to create an otherworldly beauty all its own. I could have spent days there. Unfortunately, you have to be on a tour in order to even enter, so we only had 2 hours. But that was more than enough time to take a bunch of snaps while contemplating my own small existence. 

Should you find yourself in the area during winter months, I recommend doing the Lower Antelope Canyon tour with Ken's Tours. Our guide was an adorable and knowledgable local by the name of 'Sitting Buffalo' who was more than happy to take photos of couples and also super patient as we snapped away for the blog. My only one regret is not doing a tour of Upper Antelope Canyon as well, but I heard during Winter the light isn't very good. No mind though... I'd be happy to return and try it again! (Maybe in warmer weather this time. This hat nearly saved my life.)


  1. so awesome style!! ;-)

    i invite to me too

  2. this looks amazzzzing! I can't wait to go explore the desert next month!

    Have a wonderful New Year!
    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

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