Golden State of Mind


Some chill time in California always rekindles my sparkle.

Wool coat and dress c/o French Connection, Zero UV sunglasses, Vintage rings, Schutz boots. Shot by Kenneth Gould (my dad) in Los Angeles, CA.

Heading back to California over Thanksgiving (or anytime really) is always such a nice getaway from NYC. Despite it usually being at least 15 degrees warmer, there are so many other things about Los Angeles that I miss: my family, the beach, driving a car everywhere, Bay Cities, In-N-Out… the list goes on and on.

Sadly the weather did not comply with me over the course of this trip, and stayed stubbornly in the high 50’s causing the locals (aka my fam) to constantly whine about how ‘cold’ it was while being unable to conceal their utter astonishment every time I brought out shorts and dresses ready to bare a little leg. What they don’t know is that I’m armed with a secret weapon: a coat that’s warm enough for NYC and a thicker skin that I’ve acquired over my 13 years of living here. Just layer up with that, some warm socks and a great pair of boots and it really doesn’t matter what else you wear underneath. 

Here, I opted for a loose, beaded shift dress for our Thanksgiving dinner hosted by my parents. Because who wants to deal with waistbands and form-fitting attire when you’re trying to get your grub on? 


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