New Horizons


Saying goodbye to 2015 while looking forward to the new year.

Madewell overalls, Obey jacket (just seen here), Donni Charm scarf, Schutz boots. Shot by Isaac Lacey in Page, AZ.

It was about 8AM in Page, AZ. The sun was low in the horizon, casting off a warm golden hue. We were sipping on coffee and prepping for the 4 hour drive back to Phoenix the day before Christmas when I saw a turnout in an odd-looking formation of rocks up ahead and asked Isaac to pull the car to a stop. 

This tower of rocks was unlike anything I'd seen before: porous and crumpled at the bottom, densely layered and smooth up at the top, then ascending into a sharp, angular peak at the apex. From its towering mass you could see the road winding behind us and before us, carving its way down through the dessert and into the unknown. It was beautiful.

With the arrival of a new year comes the arrival of many hopes, dreams, wishes, plans. Here's hoping that whatever you see for your future, you achieve. My best advice to give is by way of a little saying that I picked up from a friend this year: 'The grass is green where you water it.' Whether we're talking about a job, friendship, relationships (you name it), in lieu of complaining about issues that come up in any aspect of your life, try addressing the issue directly and nurturing it instead. You'd be surprised what a little focused time, energy and resolve can do. 

That said, cheers to a fab 2016! I can't wait to see what this new year brings.


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