Fur, Fringe & Rust


Bundled for brunch at my fave LES spot, as shot by Emmy Park for Vogue Japan.

TOGA fur moto jacket, Equipment Oscar sweater, Vintage silk pants and wide brim fedora, Saint Laurent fringe crossbody bag, Edge of Ember ring, Vince Camuto Rylan booties. Shot by Emmy Park at Schillers NY.

While shooting this look in front of Schiller's, one of my favorite bars in the LES, photographer Emmy Park turned to me at one point and commented, 'You have tights on under those pants, right? The wind looks like it would blow right through them!' 

Well, she was more than right, actually. Not only did I have tights on under, but they were fleece-lined. In addition to that extra layer of protection, under the sweater I was wearing a Heattech top, and to add to that, I probably had a shot of whiskey before I left my apartment (not 100% sure, but likely). Other than that, all I remember about this day was that it was frigid out (hence my pale, semi-distraught visage) and after Emmy got the pic we went inside to warm ourselves up with a few bloody mary's. 

There's nothing particularly groundbreaking about that story, other than the fact that, to be honest, the cold is starting to get to me. So I booked a trip somewhere warm this weekend for a quick 3-day jaunt! Any guesses as to where? Come follow along w/ me on Insta, and until then I urge you to stay warm any way you possibly can.


  1. cool boho and edgy look! love it!


  2. so amazing look ; .>>

    i invite to me too


  3. cool layered look!


  4. Lauren this look is INCREDIBLE... It made me gasp when I saw it in my feed!! Every single piece on its own is perfection, but all the textures and earthy colours all together are just so yummy. The baggy trousers are probably my favourite, or maybe the fur jacket, or the hat...!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you're well, stay warm!

    Catherine x

  5. This look is so fabulous! Love the color of those pants.


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