On the Docks


Sometimes all you need to refresh is a quick escape to a little seaside town.

On me: Timberland Belknap leather jacket, Glancy boots and clutch, J brand jeans, Vintage hat, Equipment turtleneck. On Erica: Timberland quilted bomber jacket and boots, Uniqlo turtleneck, Jbrand leather pants. Shot by Travis Lombardo in Port Jefferson NY.

Another adventure is about to kick off (NYFW!) but first I wanted to revisit some of my excursions from the past few weeks as it doesn't seem fitting to move forward without acknowledging the experiences you just went through.

These were more snaps taken on the road during our trip with Timberland two weeks ago. On this particular day, our #ModernTrail led us to the quaint seaside town of Port Jefferson. I could have spent hours on these docks: soaking up the bright winter sun, smelling that salty sea breeze, exploring the little boutiques, crafts and businesses along the water. There's something so calming about being so close and connected to the sea, observing the people and places that build their lives around its quiet strength. It's refreshing to say the least, and a nice moment for me to remember during what will soon be the mayhem of fashion week!


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