Trailblazing with Timberland


Living life for the journey, not the destination.

On me: Timberland Rosebrook trenchcoat and Beckwith Chelsea boots, Vintage dress. On Erica: Timberland quilted bomber jacket, socks and lace-up boots. Shot by Travis Lombardo for Timberland in Patchogue NY.

I’m a huge fan of road trips. You could blame it on reading Kerouac when I was younger and my resulting obsession with the Beat generation, or you could just chalk it up to my love for travel and my inability at times to get away from work for more than a quick weekend. Even if it’s just for a few days, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of hitting the open road with your close friends, turning up the music and singing out loud to all those terrible 90’s song lyrics, stopping at a rest area to fill up on gas and snacks for the ride, mapping out fun, must-see attractions along the way to your final destination and struggling to follow the GPS until you’re finally THERE, ready for anything.

So when Timberland offered to take me and Erica on a road trip in search of authentic local experiences, I was 100% in from the start. Unsure of where our adventure would take us, we raided the Timberland’s closet and grabbed gear that we knew could get us through anything—from weatherproof raincoats and slick leather jackets and bags, to trusty boots that were both fashionable and functional. Then we mapped out our route. 

We decided on using the quaint little port town of Port Jefferson as our base and although we had a basic itinerary that we wanted to hit, we never could have predicted all the experiences we would collect along the way. From lunching at a tiny seafood joint with the freshest crab caught by local fisherman, to getting a private tour of a craft brewery and sampling their unique assortment of beers, to wandering into a modern-day boatyard where they build and repair old yachts, to stumbling upon a tiny farm that raised all kinds of livestock, our days were jam-packed with fun, refreshing reminders of the creativity, ingenuity and craft that exists behind life’s everyday experiences. 

Cheers to the #Moderntrail and the open road ahead!


  1. Both outfits are fab! Loving the pics xx

  2. Your writing is creative and fun

  3. awesome look ; -)))

    i invite to me too

  4. Ah sounds like an awesome and memorable experience, definitely too good to pass up! Love these looks, great styling :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  5. I can't believe those are Timberlands! Love it :)

  6. You girls look fantastic!

  7. I like your black coat. Your clothes look great. I also bought a coat recently, and I'm satisfied with it!


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