Early Spring Showers


How to make the most of a stormy day?

Forever 21 hooded coat (last seen here), Sachin + Babi button down blouse (sample), Jbrand leather jeans (currently 25% off!), Moschino scarf, Vintage hat, Coach satchel, Riding boots c/o Vince Camuto. Shot by Cheralee Lyle.

This year has been a challenging one so far and the deluge I'm caught in seems like it's just getting started. All of a sudden I'm faced with so many life/work decisions, and although there are endless roads that could lead to happiness in the end, it's all going to come down to which ones I decide to pursue. 

Don't you sometimes wish that you could hire someone to choose for you? To sneak up the road a little and give you a tiny clue as to which direction would be best? How do we know in the end if the decisions we make are right? How do we prevent ourselves from thinking about and idealizing that other path we could have followed? Can we ever just live in the present and not be affected by where our past decisions could have led?

In the end, I try to stay focused on just going with my gut and doing what feels right at the time. No looking back. No regrets. And although it might be grey and rainy and things might be tough in the moment, eventually the clouds have to clear up, right? Ok... enough philosophizing. Time for some wine!


  1. so chic!


  2. Only you could look this chic and stylish in the rain! Your coat,p is amazing, I love the colour. I think all you can do is follow your gut like you said. Just go with what feels right :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  3. i love this look! that color green is so pretty on you.


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