Tapping into my bohemian side in Lord & Taylor’s new Design Lab collection.

Geo cropped top and pleated tribal skirt c/o Lord and Taylor, TOGA fur moto jacket (also seen here), Madewell crossbody bag, Forever 21 sunnies (similar here), Hendrix belt c/o The Lair, Schutz boots. Shot by Erica Lavelanet.

It’s not quite Spring just yet, but that’s not going to stop me from fantasizing about warm weekends spent in the sun, leisurely picnicking with friends or biking around my neighborhood with my hair loose and blowing in the wind. The ideal uniform for these dreamy days? Fool-proof, fashion-forward looks with a little bohemian flair. Electric prints. Divine two-piece sets. Sophisticated fringe. Flowing maxis. Think festival fashion with a go-anywhere attitude. (Anyone else wishing they were at #SXSW this weekend?)

So when Vogue x Lord & Taylor asked me to partner with them to select my favorite piece from L&T’s exclusive Design Lab collection, I was blown away by the options. In addition to being super affordable (most pieces are under $100) the line will have you drooling over its pretty prints and fun silhouettes. From A-line pieces perfect for the office, to embroidered shift dresses, full skirts and midriff-baring tops that can’t help but conjure up visions of Coachella, all your Spring needs are now under one roof. Need convincing? I’ve included a roundup of more of my fave pieces below. If they don’t have you craving Spring stat, not really sure what will…



  1. Love that matching set! Looks really cool with the double buckle belt!

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