South Beach Splash


Getting into the swim of things in sunny South Beach.

Look 1: Sonesta bikini top and Chloe bikini bottom c/o 6 Shore Road, Crap eyewear glitter sunnies, Frescbol Carioca linen towel // Look 2: Knotty bikini topTigress bikini bottom and Cocobelle Gili wrap sandals c/o L*Space swim, Forever 21 hat, ASOS sunglasses // Look 3: Crochet bikini c/o Lenny Niemeyer. Shot by Erica Lavelanet in South Beach.

Yesterday I went with Erica to Bushwick's newest theater/restaurant/bar hybrid Syndicated to catch one of their $3 film features, and last night's just happened to be "Spring Breakers," which was oddly appropriate considering the timing of this post. The concept of Spring Break itself (or at least the warped, party-centric thing its become in the US) is a hilarious one to me in general, cause college kids don't have enough excuses to party, drink and do drugs unsupervised... right? 

Not to be a hater, though. I'm a firm believer that you should reward yourself for the hard work that you do, so if that means splurging on a swimsuit (or a few) that make you feel fab, heading to the sunniest destination you can think of and indulging a little too much, by all means go for it! Just be safe. And by that I mean, keep your pants on don't forget the sunscreen.

Planning on heading somewhere sunny soon, or just stocking up for summer? Check out a few of my favorite styles above then shop them and a few other faves below! This year I'm all about crochet, cutouts, fun prints & high waisted styles. Cause why not make a splash when you can!?



  1. amazing summer pics!

  2. so cute pics ; -))))

    i invite to me too

  3. Really love your bikinis! Very flattering styles


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