Going Back to Cali


Just hold on we're going home...

Denim and Supply floral dress (similar here), DIY ribbon choker, Vintage belt (similar here), Madewell Morgan crossbody bag and Octavia sandals. Shot by Marc Lieber in Los Angeles, CA.

I leave for LA tonight and the inevitable question I keep getting asked is, 'Are you going to Coachella?' Sadly, the answer is no, but you won't find me sulking about it anytime soon.

Instead, I'm heading back to spend a little time in my hometown, hang with my sister and her husband (who actually took these pics last time I was there), eat all the In-N-Out that I can without making myself sick, drop in on Bay Cities a few times, hopefully hit the beach a few times more and try to connect with a few LA-based brands, bloggers and creatives that are based there. 

But I'm mostly excited to just bask in the sunshine and breathe in that salty, Pacific Ocean air. Oh, and to bare a little leg after a chilly Spring. Expect an update on the blog asap and until then come follow my LA (mis)adventures on Insta



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