Wrapping Up


Because all good things must come to an end.

Crochet halter top c/o Kendall x Kylie for PacSun, Talulah maxi wrap skirt, ZeroUV cat eye sunglasses, Gypsy Warrior feather wrap necklace. Shot by Jessica Gould in Los Angeles.

The start of this week also signified the end of a lot of other things. Coachella revelers from weekend one were forced to take off their crowns and return back to their regular way of life. Winter in NYC apparently decided it had enough and finally gave way to Spring. And for me it meant that my time in Los Angeles was sadly soon coming to a close. 

I’ll be hopping a flight back to New York tomorrow afternoon and really couldn’t be more sad about it. The past week I’ve been here has been equally relaxing, rejuvenating and reflective, allowing me to take a breather from the grind of the Big Apple and start to think about the next steps I’m looking to take in life, my career, you name it. Although I’m happy as a freelancer and love the opportunities and experiences I’ve been able to create with the blog, the only constant is change, and there’s no time like the present to start thinking about making some! So wish me luck, and until then I'll be soaking up the sun for the rest of my time in LA and looking forward to getting back to reality to figure out the rest.


  1. I love the halter!! Such a cute boho look!
    Miss Olivia Says

  2. I love the skirt!! Looks great with the black crochet crop top!

  3. Love this look! LOVE LOVE LOVE the skirt. At least you'll be coming back to NYC to warm weather :)


  4. I still love this crochet trend!


  5. omg! this top is everything ;) looks great with this skirt!

    The White Ocean

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