LA Vibes


Getting back to my California roots with Obey.

Obey striped romper, jersey tank, running shorts, hat, Permanent Vacation ringer and high-waisted jean shorts (samples). Shot in Los Angeles by Yudo Kurita for Obey Women's.  

Before I came to NYC I was a total California-girl at heart. In high school I spent the majority of my weekdays/ends chilling on the beach, and you were hard-pressed to find me without a tan. I also owned pretty much ONLY open-toed shoes (let's be honest, mostly just sandals), which as you can imagine did not serve me well my first winter in NYC. 

As my tastes matured and I spent more time in NYC, my style was no doubt influenced by my surroundings. I remember buying my first pair of sky-high heels en route to drinks with my new coworkers at one of my first PR jobs. The other girls all seemed so sophisticated in comparison to me. They were all donning platforms and sleek shifts, so I slipped out right after work claiming I had an errand to run, and instead purchased some heels of my own so I wouldn't feel like they were all towering above me when cocktail hour hit. I admittedly was super intimidated by them all, but ten years later and I'm proud to say I count a few of them as some of my closest friends.

That little anecdote aside, underneath the makeup and heels and fancy duds I wear from time-to-time, at the end of the day you can't take that casual Cali vibe out of me. That's why I loved linking up with Obey during my last trip there to take their clothes for a spin in Chinatown on a sunny, LA day. We had a blast exploring the up-and-coming neighborhood and I felt so comfortable both in their clothes and with their creative team. The images speak for themselves, and I think express the day's easy-going, laissez-faire attitude just perfectly. Hope you enjoy!


  1. loving the 70s vibe of that romper!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  2. Nice jacket, so lovely
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  3. These summer vibes are perfection. Loving the casual vibes!

  4. so cute look ; -))

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  5. Love all these looks! Perfect for summer!
    Miss Olivia Says

  6. YES YES YES!!!! 🙌 Love your style girlie.

    Dakota D.

  7. This look is so feminine and gorgeous, but really unique! I love the peach culottes SO much! 
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