Silver Linings


Looking on the bright side is always fashionable.

Dorothy Perkins cropped tee (shop more Crop Tops here) Abercrombie sailor culottes, Coach crossbody bag, ZeroUV metal crossbar sunnies, Zara leather sandals. Shot by The Fashion Philosophy in Los Angeles, CA.

At the moment, I must say life is pretty good. I'm currently mid-vacation in the South of France with my family, basking in simple, small town pleasures and stunning oceanfront views. It's hard to remember the stresses I left behind in NYC, but I know they're sitting there waiting for me, and there's nothing I can do besides enjoy this moment, right now, and prepare myself for reality to hit when I return. 

In life it's so easy to concentrate on the dark side of things: anxiety, wrongdoings, our own flaws. But in the same way we're taught to find the silver lining in every bad experience, I think it's equally important to find the silver lining in ourselves. So maybe you're a little stubborn... at the same time you're probably an awesome negotiator. Or maybe you're a bit impulsive... doesn't that just mean you love adventure? For every flaw that exists there's an equal and opposite strength that's buried beneath. Sometimes it's hard to see but I'm trying to remember to try and find that when it comes to judging myself and others around me. And until then, there's nothing a quick jaunt to the Cote d'Azur can't fix, right?!


  1. lovely

  2. Gorgeous how you have styled the top!

  3. Cool combo! I love the sandals!

  4. So many pretty things on your list! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. What size pants are you wearing? So cute!


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