Earning Your Stripes


On blogging and what success means to me.

H & M maxi dress, Vintage fringe necklace, Custom felt hat c/o Gigi Burris (similar here), Haute Hippie cuff (I love this one too), Schutz lace-up wedges (similar here). Shot by Isaac Lacey

When it comes to most industries, there's a relatively easy, earmarked path to follow to success. Sure, it takes hard work, time, sweat, maybe long hours, maybe a lot of personal sacrifices. But once you start down the right path, it's only a matter of time til you climb the ranks and find yourself at the top.

When it comes to fashion blogging however, things aren't so cut and dry. There's no one path to success, and what determines success in this industry anyway? Instagram followers? Brands you work with? How many comments you receive on your blog posts? How many fashion shows you get invited to? 

For me, succeeding in this industry has a lot more to do with staying true to yourself, your voice, your style. Working with brands, but retaining your own perspective. Meeting other influencers that inspire you, become close friends & push you to think in new ways. Creating more. Worrying less. 

In my case I never expected or really wanted to do blogging full-time. It was always more of a side gig to keep my creative wheels churning... so maybe that helps me keep things fun, fresh and without pressure. Either way, I hope that if you're passionate about fashion and blogging, you stick with it in the end. It's a tough, competitive industry but one that is rife with community, closeness and creativity if you're willing to seek it out.


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    Boie Sasha

  2. so cute pics ;-))

    i invite to me too


  3. Gorgeous combination with the hat!


  4. Everything about this outfit is beautiful, giving me summer vibes + you are rocking it so well. But I must say I love the bag)) ( I have a thing for fringe)


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