Ever After


Stepping up my summer wedding game with the assistance of ASOS's Wedding shop.

ASOS Wrap jumpsuit with collar, Pieces saddle bag and Hyde Park mint mules all c/o ASOS, Raen Myer sunglasses, Stephen Dweck beetle ring, Crystal necklace from Arcana. Shot by Isaac Lacey in York, Maine.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes... well what exactly? Our whole lives we've been brainwashed with this idea of what the perfect life is: finding someone to share it with, putting a ring on it, getting married in an extravagant white dress, popping out some kiddies. And if you don't find yourself anywhere near those major intersections, things can be a little daunting to say the least. You troll Facebook and see everyone around you humble-bragging about their weird-looking babies and fantasy weddings. Maybe you start hitting up Tinder like it's a full-time job. Maybe you start unfollowing people who post their baby's photo as their profile picture. However you cope, trust me, you're not alone. In the social media age, it's hard not to compare your life to those of others. But maybe, just maybe, you're thinking about things in entirely the wrong way.

Sure, I'm at that age in my life when most of my coupled up friends are starting to take some major cues from the marriage and parenting scripts, but instead of beating myself up about it and mourning the loss of my friendships as I know them, I'm trying to take a different approach. Step 1: Enjoy my relative freedom in comparison to theirs. Step 2: Enjoy just being a witness to the whole spectacle, which can be just as fun as going through it yourself.

My best advice if you feel like you're a slow bloomer on any of these fronts? Stop stressing about when it's going to happen to you. They say we can't love someone else until we learn to fully love ourselves, so start to celebrate yourself! Take advantage of the time you do have with friends and the moves they're making. Plan all the bachelorette parties and baby showers. Go to all the weddings (if you do, I suggest starting your shopping journey here). Go to music festivals. Be the best auntie to all the babies that you can. Travel when you can, while you can, without anything holding you down. Buy flowers for yourself. Bottom line is to always dress up, drink up and just do you.


  1. so great look ; -)))

    i invite to me too


  2. Love the jumpsuit and the sandals!


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