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My favorite accessory of the summer? My Sudio earphones...
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Style Mafia Newda off-shoulder blouse, Abercrombie striped midi skirt, Bucket bag c/o Joelle Hawkins (similar here), Sudio Bluetooth earphones, Kiana platform sandals c/o Indigo rd. Shot by Isaac Lacey.

If there's one thing I couldn't live without on the daily, it would have to be my earphones. New Yorkers have an extra special connection to these little devices. How else to drown out the noises of the city? Wailing sirens, pesky cat-callers, honking cars, obtrusive subway performances. To cover up this daily barrage of noise pollution, my ideal pair needs to have serious sound capabilities while still being small, stylish and lightweight. 

Enter Sudio Sweden, a lifestyle brand that makes and markets some of the sleekest earphones I've seen to date. 

I myself decided to test out the Sudio Vasa BlĂ„ model for two basic reasons. One, I thought it was pretty (I love crisp white with a rose gold touch). And two, because it's Bluetooth enabled. Connecting to my phone without a cord would mean no more fussing with my earphones getting tangled up in my hair, jacket, bag, you name it (ladies, you know the struggle is so real). Just connect the earphones to the bluetooth on your phone, shove your device in your pocket, purse, shoe, you name it... and you're good to go! I've had the earphones for a few months now and am seriously LOOOOOVING them. 

Intrigued and want to learn more? Check out Sudio for yourself here and if you're interested in trying a pair just use the code themarcystop_15 for a 15% off discount! The pair I have come out being only $75 after all is said and done. Not bad, right? If you're like me and use your earphones literally every day, I promise you won't regret it. Happy Friday! And happy shopping!
code: themarcystop_15


  1. Cute sir off shoulder dress in white
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