Waterfront Unwind


Slip on a pair of cutoffs, pour yourself a glass of rosé and enjoy the day's last rays.

Rebecca Minkoff off-the-shoulder blouse, Abercrombie cutoff shorts (shop more styles here), Fringe bag c/o Petit Sesame, Schutz lace-up wedge espadrilles. Shot by Isaac Lacey at the East River State Park.

These days, all I want to do is be outside... preferably next to a body of water. Which is why, after a long day at work, my favorite thing to do is bike over to the Williamsburg waterfront with a bottle of rosé to drink, a blanket to lounge on, and a friend or two in tow. Cause what better way to end the day than with the city's skyline in the distance and the summer breeze blowing through your hair? Perfect the moment with an off-the-shoulder top to show off your tan, some comfortable, fashion-forward lace-up wedges and a pair of classic denim cutoffs, and you've got yourself a surefire recipe for stylish summer relaxation.


  1. Wahhh! :( so sad that summer is almost over!! Love this

    Emma | With A City Dream

  2. Love the off the shoulder top and the espadrilles are so cute!

  3. so nice pics= )))

    i invite to me too


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