NYFW: Runway Recap


Experience NYFW through my eyes via this fun 30-page mini magazine I created.

Every fashion week, I'm faced with the same dilemmas: 1) How best to sum up my experiences? And, 2) What to do with the bevy of images that I snapped? 

While I love heading to shows and shooting for my own personal reasons, as the blog continues to grow it's also become more and more important to me to find a novel way to impart my NYFW experience to others. Of equal importance is taking a moment to reflect on everything I encountered. Because at the end of the day, are we able to fully value and appreciate the little moments without taking the time to think about what they mean to us?

The result of my fashion 'soul-searching' is thus: a 30-page mini mag that I created to have a place to store all my ideas, my favorite runway snaps and also try my best to summarize a few of the most prominent emerging trends for Spring. The layouts above are just a little preview, but feel free to click through on any of them to get to the full read. 

Hope you enjoy skimming through this magazine as much as I enjoyed creating it for you!



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