Holiday Soirée


My tips on how to make an entrance this season.

Nicholas neck wrap front dress, Black Denim moto jacket, Whiting + Davis tote all c/o Shopbop (samples), Nasty Gal cage heels. Shot by Isaac Lacey at The William Vale, Brooklyn.

Let's face it. Holiday parties can go one of two ways. 

Best case scenario: you wind up getting your buzz on, maybe make some new friends, slay it on the dance floor and go home in a state of euphoric bliss feeling a little bit better about the world. Worst case: you get totally inebriated to combat your boredom, fight with your boss or family member about who they voted for, spill wine on yourself while dancing and wake up in a state of embarrassment unsure of what happened the night before. There really is no in-between.

So for better or worse, you might as well go into the gauntlet well-prepared. Which is to say: well-dressed. Wouldn't you rather everyone remember your entrance instead of your exit? So to continue my collab with Shopbop, I put together a few tips for holiday party dressing for you below, followed by a few favorite party frocks to shop yourself. Don't say I never had your back!


The Marcy Stop

1. Go Bold or Go Home: A bright dress in an unexpected hue, like the yellow number above, is a great way to stand out from the usual crowd of LBD's & metallic numbers.

2. Add Some Edge: Feeling a little too glitzy and girly in your glitzy dress? A leather & fur motorcycle jacket looks glam while adding a modern touch to even the fanciest maxi.

3. Bag it Up: Time to replace your usual minaudière with a bigger, bolder accessory that's as practical as it is pretty. The sleek convertible clutch/ tote/ crossbody above is perfect for going from office to holiday party while still looking super chic.

4. Heed your Heels: The only way you can dance the night away is a comfy pair of heels. My go-to styles? Platforms, wedges, booties & block heels. Just be sure to wear them in before your big night out!




  1. You look ready for the holidays. This dress is perfect for a friendsgiving.

    See my latest post:
    fringe & plaid // | \\ Born Bred Be

  2. That dress is so great on you!


  3. gorgeous look! love your bag!

  4. fine style!! ;-))


    i invite to me too

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