Winter Woes


Trying to stay merry despite it all.

Plaid midi coat c/o BBDakota, Nicole Miller lace printed sweatshirt (similar here), Moussy cropped jeans, Coach satchel, Maison de Coco riding hat with pom pom (similar here), Aldo suede booties. Shot by Isaac Lacey.

The past few months feel like they've slowly but surely been stomping out my creativity and grinding down my faith in humanity to the core. Perhaps it's the result of the election and the ongoing Trump saga that I still can barely even comprehend. Add to that the continuous carnage in Aleppo, the recent attack in Berlin, the explosion in Mexico and all the other daily conflicts & tragedies I keep reading about daily... let's just say it's hard to stay positive at times like these.

It's also been really hard to blog about seemingly inconsequential shit at the moment, so pardon my recent absence. While I still love curating images for my Instagram, working with different brands and collaborating with other bloggers, I just haven't been in the mindset lately to write a full post. 

I've also been caught up this past week with helping organize our #NamastayWarm event, which took place on Monday to benefit The Bowery Mission. We're still waiting to hear how much we raised at the bar, but the next day we had a car-full of donations to bring to the shelter, so that alone was amazing! A huge thanks to everyone who came out to support and do their part to give back. Expect images & updates on my Facebook page soon.

Still looking for your own way to contribute to a great cause? I've listed a few charities below that could really use our help right now. No donation is too small! On that note, Happy Holidays guys. Hope they're surprisingly merry and bright.


A Few Charities to Consider Donating to This Holiday Season

1. International Rescue Committee: helps families who fled Aleppo & other crises

2. GlobalGiving: gives the option to donate to different causes around the world 

3. Doctors Without Borders: helps provide medical aid where it's needed most

4. Save The Children: grants medical care to children in Aleppo & other besieged areas

5. The White Helmets: supports brave volunteers on the ground in Aleppo & their families 

6. Oxfam America: provides relief, aid and education to poverty-stricken communities

7. American Refugee Committeededicates itself to helping people displaced by disasters 



  1. so amazing!!


    invite to me too

  2. One of the best ways fight through personal funk is to try to help those less fortunate. The love will flow in every direction. Keep the faith, keep the commitment.

  3. I hear you. I have very very stressed and I too did a post on giving back. It really is a scary time and it is even more scary the parallels to the lead up to WWII and yes it has been hard to concentrate on blogging and fashion. Though I find my self spending more? I think I am stress shopping and I need to stop.

    So glad though that you raised money for a shelter! I donated to Mercy Corps to the people in Aleppo. But on the bright side, you look great, and love the top in particular.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  4. We all have those days! Thanks for being transparent.

    See my latest post:
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