A Little Rusty


Stepping into a new era.

BB Dakota faux suede trench, Frayed ankle jeans and lace up sweater c/o Forever 21, Derek Lam sunglasses, Cole Haan Antoinette Grand pumps. Shot by Isaac Lacey.

Let's be honest: I normally hate talking politics. The conversations tend to go from 0 to 100 real quick. They're heated, uncomfortable, and (in my experience) never get resolved. Looking for proof? Just sit down at my Thanksgiving dinner table and pray for the best.

However, this Friday, with the inauguration of Trump we'll also be ushering in a new political era: one that cannot just be silenced or ignored. Because to do so is to unwittingly give up our rights, our freedoms, our progress, our humanity. To do so is to allow this unethical man and his unqualified cabinet to dictate our future and have their way without a fight. To do so is to allow future generations to think that we merely turned our backs while our civil liberties and standards of governance were tossed out the window. 

My latest promise to myself? To be much more vocal from here on out, when confronted by opposition. On the blog. On Instagram. And, most importantly, in real life. If things have to get a little uncomfortable at times, so be it. I'd rather speak up in hopes of changing one person's opinion and understanding their perspective, than stand by and do nothing about it. And I might be a little rusty at the start, but I'm sure the words will come with time.

It's all kicking off this weekend as I drive to D.C. to take part in the Women's March on Washington this Saturday. Wondering what the movement's all about? Check out their awesome mission/ policy platform here. And if you can't support in person, I hope you'll at least be there in spirit.


  1. There are certain times in one's life when circumstances beg for commitment. I was tear gassed in DC in 1970 during an anti-VN-war protest. Our eyes were red, but our voices were heard. Hopefully your eyes will not be red, but I know that the impact of the Women's March will be heard and that it will resonate for years to come. Your mom and I will be there with you.

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