Baring Some Skin(care)


Want to revive your winter skin? Tree Hut's new line has you covered.

Forever 21 pinstripe off-shoulder top, J Brand jeans, vintage belt. Shot by Lauren Darling for Tree Hut.

Confession: I’m pretty OCD when it comes to my skincare. I wash my face a minimum of twice daily, always moisturize afterwards, constantly apply SPF and am in constant search of new products to see how I can work them into my routine. My skin is also super sensitive, so when I find something I like that doesn’t cause irritation, I hold onto it for dear life.

So when Tree Hut approached me to try out their new skincare line, I was on it in an instant. I’m all about using affordable products made with natural ingredients and the brand promised to deliver just that. Here’s a little rundown of what I tried and my thoughts on each…
  • Refining Rose facial scrub: With Winter still lingering around, I was in dire need of an exfoliating facial cleanser that wouldn’t dry out my skin. This is the perfect combo of creamy and grainy, plus it smells ever-so-faintly of roses. Definitely going to keep using this every morning to cleanse and refresh my skin when I wake up. 
  • Refining Rose daily moisturizer: The perfect complement to the facial scrub, this non-greasy moisturizer is loaded with SPF 30. It also has the same floral bouquet as the face wash, but isn’t overpowering, which I love. Again, adding this to my morning routine stat!
  • Detoxifying Charcoal exfoliating mud mask: One little known fact about me: I’m obsessed with face masks. This one left my skin feeling super-soft and I swear it evened out my skin tone after just one use! It’s probably one of my favorite new product discoveries to date, and I’m sure I’ll be using it at least once a week to give my skin a boost.

Want to shake up your skincare routine? I couldn’t recommend these items more. They feel super luxe but their price-points couldn’t be more accessible. Skin, meet win!


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