Let's Get Lost


Just a city girl with a country soul.

Morning Lavender lace high-low jumpsuit (similar here), Brixton bolero hat via La Di Da Dee, Vintage and souvenir silver jewelry, ASOS Rhoden booties. Shot by Sarah Kuszelewicz Photography in Brooklyn.

If you don't already know, I grew up in Los Angeles, moved to New York for school at the ripe age of 17 and studied abroad in Paris for a semester my junior year. In other words: I've always been a city girl. 

Which is not to say I don't love the country. Sometimes I think the key to lasting this long in NYC is to constantly be plotting your escape, whether that means a quick jaunt upstate, a trip to a nearby beach or town, or an excursion into the wild somewhere. On-the-go is where I'm happiest. Discovering new cultures, places, ideas, cuisines. Seeking those moments of quiet and reflection that can only come by putting some distance between you and the cities you love. 

These snaps perfectly capture that moment of reflection for me. Taken by Brooklyn-based photographer Sarah Kuszelewicz at a secret spot deep in Brooklyn, there's something so peaceful about them... a little reminder that the next escape is just around the corner, should you wish it so.



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