Paris Dreaming


Tapping into the essence of French style with Cadieux.

All images shot in Paris, wearing all Cadieux.

Paris Fashion Week kicked off on Tuesday, which means one thing and one thing only: #fomo.

Seriously though, what is it about the French that makes them just so effortlessly stylish? Is it their language? Their accent? The chain-smoking? Whatever the cause of that certain je ne sais quoi, I think it’s safe to say: it's working.

When it comes to Parisian style, what stands out most to me is their confidence. The French icons that I love (from Francoise Hardy and Jane Birkin, to Lou Doillon and Isabel Marant) are unapologetic when it comes to fashion and how they dress. They’re never afraid to try new trends, to mix high with low, or to walk the line between tomboy and uber-femme. To top that off, no matter what they’re wearing, there’s always an air of seduction that radiates naturally from every pore. Aka: goals.

The shoot above was probably the closest I’ll ever come to exhibiting some small trace of this unexplainable, unattainable French allure. In addition to having a chance to play dress-up in Cadieux’s showroom full of chic, tailored pieces, I was also given access to the coolest space: a gorgeous apartment in Paris overlooking Parc Monceau (that also happened to be owned by Parisian man-about-town Tony Gomez).

Between the bright light, the french balcony, the chic clothes and the overall setting... this shoot is pretty much my Parisian daydream brought to life. Determined to make it a reality one day! But, until then, guess I'll have to settle with runway shots from the latest PFW shows to hold me over.

Below... a few French fashion icons whose style j'adore....
1. Francoise Hardy // 2. Lou Doillon // 3. Jane Birkin // 4. Brigitte Bardot


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